Normal program resumes

School starts today. This year, only my #2 and #3 go to school. My #1 is shaking legs at home, waiting for his SPM results. And I know a lot of people asked what my #2 get for his PMR. Well, what he got was much better than expected. This is the person who never study at home, never do homework at home, never go tuition and he did not even do the few workbooks I bought for him. Still, he does well enough to enter Science Stream cos he scored an A in Science. So….that’s about it.

Unfortunately, that’s not what other students get. Some very hardworking and studious ones got only 1A and some Bs and Cs and were very disappointed with their results. That’s life I guess, some get lucky, some got short-changed. Or it could be due to the marking system? Wateva.

My little four years old going to be five years old is not going to kindie this year because he doesn’t show any interests yet. I will send him only when he is six years old. What’s the point of stressing him with routines of waking up in the morning, wear a uniform, line up, do mundane stuffs, get into competitions and etc? And no, he won’t be a social recluse because he can get his mingling with children at other places. I don’t need to pay RM160 per month to do that.

However, this year is sort of emo for me because if Vincent is here, he would be entering Standard One. He was born in 2001 and passed on in 2002. Sometimes, I wonder what he will be? Will he be needing school for kanak-kanak terencat otak or will he need to attend spastic children school or will he be still lying in the hospital or will he be just another one of my bright little boys? Well, I shouldn’t be thinking of such things but there are moments when I do wonder. Of course, it does sound kind of silly that I wonder things that cannot happen. But he is still very much part of me, and I do count the years he would be if he is around. Anyway, my little boy asked, “Mommy, if Vincent ko-ko died and goes to God, does he still have to go to school?” when both he and I were waiting in the car for my two older ones to buy their school uniforms. LOL, I guess you don’t need to go to something as boring as school in Heaven?

Oh ya, our very generous Government is giving all the students school books loan. That means, I don’t have to attend to the hassles of buying school books. Not like I need to spend a lot of money because all my children use hands-me-down school books from the eldest brother. But telima kasik gahmen. Saya berasa amat gembira dan berbesar hati dan sangat-sangat kamtoong sebab lu manyak generous. Sikalang gua ada manyak luit lor. Cukup mau naik roket.

And the most important thing to remember today is to dye my two sons’ hairs back to black. I suppose their teachers and headmasters will not take the excuse, “My father is an angmoh or My mother is an angmoh.” You know what? There are really sei8pohs lurking around. The other day, before Christmas, I was in the liquor shop and my #3 was jaga-ing the shopping trolley for me outside the shop.

One woman went up to him and nagged him, “Ah boy, how old are you? You so small you dye your hair, you can get brain cancer you know? Haiyor, tell you mader don’t dye your hair next time. Hair dye very poisonous wan, can get brain cancer and die wan.” CCB leh, I didn’t know that until my son told me much later. That #3 son is very good in mimicking people so he related to me with all the actions and tones. Cilaka, go traumatise my son like that, I nochet sue you only. Niamah. I koyak your CCB for being so crow-mouth baru tau.

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9 thoughts on “Normal program resumes

  1. 5xmom..Reli those 8poh dunno how to mind their bussiness, going around everywhere cursing people’s kid one..

    Reli beh tahan their ccb mouth.

  2. I thought today is a school day. We sent our kid to daycare to wait for school van. What an embarrasement… tomorrow is a school day la… the daycare teacher informed…

    Lilian, only you know your kids well… tell those B****** to F*** O**

  3. aiyor…back to school eh? o well….that woman should have gotten a shoe in the face! anyway, hope it’s not too late to wish u a happy new year! may 2008 be more productive n your new year resolution[s] come true. 😀 *xoxoxo*

  4. Not too worries. Vincent have been a good kid, he is with god now.
    Anyway, I hate school days. I have to plan my trip to customer place not to meet school and off school time further more schools in Penang are every where. grrr…..

  5. hey, auntie lilian..your blog’s facelift already right..the content hard to read la..coz..very confusing..Just a humble opinion lah..:)

    Khian : Good lah, baru can ter-click mah….

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