All you married men please go worship NYY CCB

Remember all men, especially those married ones, vote for Ng Yen Yen in the next election because she sanctioned your erection.

Wanita MCA chief Ng Yen Yen believes it’s OK for men to show disloyalty to own wife’s or having sexual intercourse with others, as long as you seek permission from the wife prior to that.

Undi…..jangan tak undi…….


I took this from SKThew’s blog.

Now, who is looking for Angeline Yam?

Who is looking for CSL video?

Frankly lah, we Malaysians are too uptight. We mourn for the wrong thing. CSL is the hero, why you all go simpati him lah? A little joke and snub is nothing wrong what? We help to mengharumkan nama dia. We should mourn for the stupidities that are happening.

Did you read that the police are going from DOOR TO DOOR in houses in Batu Pahat? Just to dig for the sex DVD? Do you think if your father got murdered, they will give the same kind of dedication to the job? Open your eyes, Malaysians.

And two, did you see any female politicians who stood up on the importance of upholding the family unit? Ptui, they spend millions to do all kind of project for family unity and yet, in this issue, none dare to speak up. They dare not talk because they are afraid of being labelled as ‘holier-than-thous’. And only this CCB NYY spoke because she want to appear to look smart.

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  1. I wonder if the police has a warrant to do the searches and if so, whether it is a warrant issued judiciously. Otherwise, they have no business going DOOR to DOOR as reported.

  2. Somebody said…it is better to keep quiet and let others think you are a fool, than to open your (BIG) mouth and remove all doubts!!! …I rest my case! (And who in their right mind will vote for this kind of people?) Ask wife for permission first? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! This has got to be the MOST stupidEST thing anybody can say!

  3. NYY is sial one. Simply talk just to gain more votes but I dun think so. She is going to lose a lot of votes. She wants to make herself like a heroine among the men. Ptui!
    The garmen also one thing. I lost my car and yet the policeman not helping to round the city to hunt for my car. Suruh saya balik dan sembahyang. This CSL did something wrong and yet the policemen are helping him to find the DVD (which they dun hvae an idea how many of it are being distributed). The garmen also ‘ki sial’ liao. They dun know what they are suppose to do. What is more important and what is not.

  4. When I read abt that news, I really find that she is another BIG BIG CCB. That means, she can also allow her husband to go and find another woman to sleep with lar. Tiu her lar. She know what she is talking abt or not. No women on earth will allow her husband to go and sleep and have sex with other lady. Which lady want to share their valueable thing with some other ppl. Mah kah cau hai, she really don’t know wat she is talking abt. If she don’t know wat to say, just keep her ‘hai hau'(cibai mouth) shut up. Like tat no need to go and hunt for ppl who have the DVD lar. Since he admit and NYY say if the wife permitted, it’s ok mah. In this case, I believe his wife must have agree lor, rite? So, let the world see his show lar, wat for go and summon them.

  5. erina/choonie – Yalor, this is the woman who is supposed to represent the Malaysian Chinese women. The other day she hypocrite said cannot approve import of China maids. Now, she bends over and give another opinion, totally different just for the sake of being in the nice person’s shoes. Let’s forget who CSL is for a while. Imagine him being an ordinary man, and that girl is not some China Doll but an innocent girl. Exposed liao, the girl commit suicide. Now, do you think people are still going to say the same thing they said about CSL (like those defending his action, saying people made mistakes etc)? No mah. They will condemn to the 9th heavens. So that’s why people double standard lor. Poh lam par and want to be seen on the ‘right’ side. The fact remains – many men cheated the same way like CSL. Many older wives get very hurt. Many of their children have screwed up lives due to their parents’ behaviour. And the end result is the breakdown of the family unit and eventually the country. And yet, people still talk like this is a non-issue. It is an issue but every damn female politician dare not voice it out. And come this CCB NYY try to be popular. Ptui. Correct or not?

    STP/Pablo/Zewt – You see what a big team they sent to Hotel Katerina in Batu Pahat? Like we have too many policemen with too little things to do. And they want to curb the distribution. Please lah, in this age of technology, how to stop it? Get real and get working on the important issues, right or not?

  6. This is Abdullah’s cabinet. He is the silent ringmaster and his clowns are doing and saying things that don’t make sense. Its a farking CIRCUS!!!!

    OK now, who wants to vote Terence as PM?

  7. And terence – Like this, you NO need to potong, you can get a few approvals from your Hainanese typhoon and screw a few concubines, international ones. Russia, Kampuchea, Tiongkok, Inni, Intor (india).

  8. Does this mean prostitution is gonna be legalized??? And we can go fark our ‘personal friends’???

    Next time hor, they go ‘tangkap maksiat’ time, no need to fear. Just say ‘NYY cakap boleh mah’ or ‘saya kongket saya punya kawan peribadi mah’!! Bwahahahaha!!!!!

    What the fark have we farking voted to manage our country lah!!!!

  9. terence – Eh, come we open brothels lah. I no need to work so hard writing paid posts liao. Or maybe I should start an online booking now?

  10. obviously this NYY is fetching for men’s vote to become the next Health Minister.
    Another thing is that the comment is really crap.
    try asking your wife: Honey, can i f**k the pretty girl next door, and c what “head” will fall down.
    BTW, what does CCB means? something harsh? i m new here, just wanna ask r u from pg? coz i m from there.

    Blog owner explains :
    Translation : CCB = chao cheebye LOLOLOLOL. Me? Penang? I don’t know…

  11. And you better pay me protection money ah, cannot simply open brothel in my area.

    shadowfox : Okok, can can. Sked of you and the amount of things you dug out.

  12. this CCB opposes the government’s suggestion to employ dragon ladies to become maids, and now she is saying its okay to cheat if the wife gives permission? Hypocrite betul lol

    anthraxxxx : Yalor, that’s why blardy hypocrite. And she keep talking about being sexually attractive in bed like she is some hottie like that. Niamah, keep to line dancing and cooking classes lah, like that age liao. Unless she dare go organize MCA’s sex education class with practical lessons thrown in for all the ahpohs. Hahaha.

  13. i need to bring my gf to meet this NYY for some counselling session. hehehe… anyone can hook us up with NYY ?? thanks in advance.

  14. Wah…this Lilian so good kah? Give hubby permission to go meet NYY??? If mine, sure potong and use to fry nasi goreng one!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  15. agree with medicboyz… it’s like..

    you: dear, can i f**k the girl next door?

    your wife: sure… don’t forget to wear condom, ok? and come back before 11…


  16. are these politician ladies CRAZY or what? are they trying to promote further adultery other than their wives? are they encouraging men to sin and think it’s ok to cheat on wife while getting their freaking permission?

    what’s wrong with these ladies? are they not supposed to stand for the sake of our women’s voice and support our rights?

    shit. i’d rather be a pole / strip dancer than a wife in the future. at least those mca ladies make future men believe i’m worth more than their wives. what more, i don’t need to cook/ take care of their kids/ afraid of being dump for another woman, and i can spend their $$$ off.

    Great. just great. thank u so much MCA!

  17. vss3t – Yalor yalor, everyone seems blinded to the whole issue. Just because Chua Soi Lek is a somebody, suddenly what he did seems not wrong. And have you noticed the kind of reasons he gave in the interview published in The Star? So damn LCLY mah…As for NYY, I have nothing else to say.

    agnes – She is trying to gain publicity mah, who knows she vying for the position leh?

    aaron – All the time they are talking about declining moral of the youths and these people are the one showing bad examples. Doh!

    STP – Make agreement first mah. Transfer all properties, gaji all masuk my account, leave him penniless (but not penisless LOL) and he mah go do what he wants lor. Women hor, first of all must jaga the $$$ before anything else.

  18. Aiyoh , anyone figure this NYY is trying to justify her position in case HER video comes out with a gigolo lor

  19. I’m not married yet, still I wanna worship NYY can boh? This NYY is aiming for the seat someone just left empty lah.

  20. True! True! Bet you’ve heard this before…..As they say, women must be good housekeepers!! If the man plays around, get rid of him…but you keep the house!

  21. The science of silence

    He who knows, doesn’t say
    he who says, doesn’t know

    when it is time to shut up my toddler of 1 1/2 half does this
    “shhhhhhhhhh” and lock his index finger to his lips


    i really wandered did she forgot to bring out the “kopi kak” – the kopi filter used at the kopitiam.

    if no then use the ‘si mat’ also can la

    else still tak ada just go to kopitiam and order “si mat lai cha” and shut her mouth!!!!

  22. whhhaattt??? first of all, i wanna know if that NYY is married or andartu??? if married, make her practise it (give approval to husband to…) & tell the whole world how she felt after that. huh, trying to tell the world that she’s advance or backward? i just don’t understand her.

  23. GO S*CK COCK LAH NYY! walanneh! real shame to all female species! f*ck! this is by far the MOST ridiculous thing EVER!

    Agree with they go door to door to search the murderer for other cases? how bout houses that uses illegal partitioning and having more than 10 occupants? ABSOLUTE BULLCRAP!

    UgHHhHH knnccbnyy!!!!!

  24. It’s interesting you pointed this out. Wonder why she made that statement…. (?) …

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