21 thoughts on “Wa sien liao

  1. Aiyor…lu bor blog, gua cho ha mik leh? Bay tang lai chee tau cha siao, cha siao song song.

  2. ha, wo pun zai lu gong ha mi.
    lu bo blog, jin jia ce lang e xian la.
    tm net si a nia kuan e la.
    ao bo malaysia ma na bi xing ga po a ne ou…..

  3. nabeh, ann neh blog in hokkien also can?
    he leh TMnet tiam tiam an neh eh, sian nia.
    na si TMnet mai naik, wa lang soh kah ee naik.
    na si TMnet mai chut, wa lang pak ah ee chut lah.

  4. is that means tmnet rate going up up and away?!! šŸ˜‰

    hey lilian… i have just post something about megat’s first day at his chinese school. wanna say anything about it?

  5. Wei, if you think of big money you earned then bo sien la. Talking of 2K to 5K wor… every single month from blogging, worth it lah to blog.

  6. Too bad Google Translation doesn’t support Hokkien.

    Wa beh sin server liao. Jit leh weekdays eh sai pua chu liao. Wakakka…

  7. siang ka bo hamik jay lang zai lu kong hamik ah neh, haha.

    ha lei veedeo, wa ah boey kua tapi wa tniah chin jay lang kong knua liao pun ai khoon ka bey si!!

  8. sooi sooi – Pua tiam cheng bo cho hamik, chap hun jeng cho siang mik kia. BJ/on/BJ/on/BJ/on Tamat. LOL. Kua 2 minute, kau liao.

    bryan – Wuah, pua ah moh lau, bangarlo

    popapo – Si lor, uu liu hamik pun song

    lil ms pinky – Lu pun si Hokkien lang

  9. Sue me – For you

    Wa sien liao – I bored/tired

    Wa mai blog – I dunwan to blog

    Wa boh shiok ai blog – I no shiok to blog

    TMnet line barn kah boey si – TMNet line slow till wanna die

    Ai chut mm chut – Want to come out, kenot come out (i.e. loading slow)

    Tan kah wa ai khoon – Wait till sleepy

    Tan kah wa ai si liao – Wait till wanna die

    Lu boh su choe, lu khi khua veeedeo – If you have nothing to do, go watch video

    Lu chai wa kong hamik boh? – You know what I am saying?

  10. Although it’s cute and fun to read a blog in the Hokkien dialect (only for those who understand it), it will be helpful to provide an English version right below it for those who only understand English only or know little or no (Penang) Hokkien.

    In my blog
    (URL removed by the Obnoxious 5xmom)

    there are selected poems in the Hindi language but English version is right above each one of them.

    Even for those who don’t read English, there’s still “Babel Fish” to help translate the contents into various foreign languages to reach a wider readership.

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Motivation In Motion [BLOGGER]
    Sun. 6th Jan. 2008.

    Blogowner says : Kanasai….you got no other way to promote your blog URL issit? How about strip naked, write the URL on your butt and walk naked? Sure can get more people visiting it than to leave your URL twice on my blog. Ah Beng, where are you? Call your Banglas please. Beh tahan ledi.

  11. lu eh blog jing ho chio neh.. haha..lai lai visit my blog..
    wa mm si hokkien lang, wa si teochew, same same but different!

  12. my stomach roll and twist when i read those hokkien sentences, i could not stop laughing in the middle of the night, real fun to read about you guys blog in hokkien, oh yes……. i understand hokkien a bit. lilian, lu chin jia gao, si a kiang blog, kuah eh tat eh comment, tow boon gong gong. shiok lah……

  13. waw lilian,lu eh blog ho chio, wa si hokkien lang, but wa ee hiao kong hokkien tampo tampo nia, thats why i want to learn more…hhehehehe…

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