Updated : To the question, will the ruling party know who we vote, the answer is NO. In this 12th Malaysia General election, the ruling is they are not supposed to write down our registrar number. So, VOTE WITHOUT FEAR!

I have voted three times in the Malaysia election, I think. Or is it twice, I cannot remember. But what I do remember are fuss we have to go through each pilihanraya because my hubby and I have different places to go to. This is because we are too lazy to change our electoral register or whatever you call that. When we were single, we came from different places and we never change our addresses to where we are living now.

My accountant husband notice the ballot chit has numbers on it. And both of us wonder…….. All those ballot chits numbers can be tallied to the list of voters. Does this mean that our ruling party, i.e. the one who won the election can actually trace back to our ballot chits and find out whom do we vote for?

Is this why our Malaysia Government servants are all obliged to vote for the ruling party? Or am I mistaken here? Are they free to choose which party they prefer? Am I asking a very sensitive question here? Suppose the ruling party did not get the 2/3 majority, does this means all the Government servants are still in employment? Ok, stupid question but pertinent. Otherwise, why are they afraid? Or they are not because we are a democratic country? Or are we? LOL.

And seriously, I have always thrown the undi kesian or sympathy vote in every Malaysia election. I don’t care if they are PAS, DAP or PKR. Why? Because we need balance. We must go for the underdogs so that some of them can be in the Dewan Parliamen to bark a bit or else everyone gets lazy.

This 12th Malaysia election 2008, I am going back to where I belong, i.e. a Malay majority area. * sings ‘Fly me to the moon’ *

Malaysia Election Commission – ELECTORS ROLL CHECKING AS AT 3rd QUARTER YEAR 2007 / SEMAKAN DAFTAR PILIHANRAYA (klik di sini)