Someone explain Malaysia election process to me

Updated : To the question, will the ruling party know who we vote, the answer is NO. In this 12th Malaysia General election, the ruling is they are not supposed to write down our registrar number. So, VOTE WITHOUT FEAR!

I have voted three times in the Malaysia election, I think. Or is it twice, I cannot remember. But what I do remember are fuss we have to go through each pilihanraya because my hubby and I have different places to go to. This is because we are too lazy to change our electoral register or whatever you call that. When we were single, we came from different places and we never change our addresses to where we are living now.

My accountant husband notice the ballot chit has numbers on it. And both of us wonder…….. All those ballot chits numbers can be tallied to the list of voters. Does this mean that our ruling party, i.e. the one who won the election can actually trace back to our ballot chits and find out whom do we vote for?

Is this why our Malaysia Government servants are all obliged to vote for the ruling party? Or am I mistaken here? Are they free to choose which party they prefer? Am I asking a very sensitive question here? Suppose the ruling party did not get the 2/3 majority, does this means all the Government servants are still in employment? Ok, stupid question but pertinent. Otherwise, why are they afraid? Or they are not because we are a democratic country? Or are we? LOL.

And seriously, I have always thrown the undi kesian or sympathy vote in every Malaysia election. I don’t care if they are PAS, DAP or PKR. Why? Because we need balance. We must go for the underdogs so that some of them can be in the Dewan Parliamen to bark a bit or else everyone gets lazy.

This 12th Malaysia election 2008, I am going back to where I belong, i.e. a Malay majority area. * sings ‘Fly me to the moon’ *

Malaysia Election Commission – ELECTORS ROLL CHECKING AS AT 3rd QUARTER YEAR 2007 / SEMAKAN DAFTAR PILIHANRAYA (klik di sini)

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  1. Hi..I use to work as a counting agent in the poll. Seriously, if they were to spend time to sit down and go down to every vote, they can. However, if you have noticed, during the last election, all votes are counted at the voting center. The ruling party as well as opposition will know which area has voted for them or otherwise. Seriously, i am singing the same tune with you. Been doing that for the past 3 elections and I will continue to fly myself to the moon whether it’s using a space craft or even with a black eye. 🙂

  2. Don’t wanna to know how it works. But I know who I am going to vote. Fed up with the current circus liao.

    I think this election, the ‘sympathy’ votes will be for BN. They’ll need it.

  3. yes… they can trace… i think.

    and those under govt scholarship are putting in postal vote… just imagine what the govt will do if they find out that the scholars are voting for someone else…

  4. erm… the whole process is complex but i’ll discuss this in brief.

    1. voters vote for the alternative front.
    2. votes are counted.
    3. BN still wins 2/3 and forms government.
    4. new policies and new promises are made.
    5. voters go home pacified, but after the next few months… we all know we’re truly fxcked.

  5. as ever….
    Comment by decypher:

    Monday, January 7th 2008 at 3:15 am
    erm… the whole process is complex but i’ll discuss this in brief.

    1. voters vote for the alternative front.
    2. votes are counted.
    3. BN still wins 2/3 and forms government.
    4. new policies and new promises are made.
    5. voters go home pacified, but after the next few months… we all know we’re truly fxcked.

  6. lotsofcravings : If you are not bothered, get out of here. Shame on you as a citizen of Malaysia and I hope you will not make any comments on the how the country is being run.

    Lilian : I get obnoxious when I see tidak-apa attitudes from citizens of Malaysia. Back to your questions, yes, who you voted for can be traced. Just like the serial numbers on exam papers (hint! hint!). That’s why my family members were invited to Hari Raya feasts organised by the ruling party the past couple of years. This time around, they won’t invite us liao because we are sick and tired of their sandiwaras.

    Government servants are supposed to work for the “country” and not the ruling party. In countries like UK and US, ruling parties change depending on their performance in the elections but they dare not even hint to the government servant that the latter will be in for a hard time if the latter don’t vote for the ruling party.

    Anyway, my fervent wish is that A Ibrahim gets into parliament and give the BN MPs a good debate on national issues. Though he is no angel himself, he sure will be a worthy opposition MP to ensure check and balances on the BN MPs. And that is what our country sorely lacks. Opposition voices in numbers.

    Oh…after the rant, I feel much better. lotsofcravings : Sorry for being blunt. But please do register as a voter and exercise your duty as a citizen of this country. Each vote counts regardless of whom you are voting for.

  7. Well, it is traced. What do you think they extend the Eee-See guy ? Nobody is indispensable unless there is hanky-panky goes around.

    And about the majority, I already did the calculation. So call “majority representation” are NO MORE than 31% of the population, not even one third.

    Scary? Well..

  8. this should be my second time being eligible to vote…but i havent register yet.. esp now that i have married and moved out of my parents head..very troublesome, i need to change my IC address and mafan stuff to do…how? anyone knows how to deal with this situation..change address etc or else i should just go back to where i fly from?

  9. They already know who you are going to vote.. serial number or not. They can still do some rigging..

    Possible episodes:
    – ballot box lost, oops sorry.
    – ballot box switching, it looks the same to me 😉
    – indelible ink on latex gloves, can re-vote.
    – infra-red ink serial number of ballot chits?
    – saboteurs paid to mis-count.

    Want total fair? Brind in a third party observer like UN. Once done, everyone will shut up.

  10. BN cannot win this time as they never live up to their promises. Another point is being a non-malay, it is very unfair how they threat the other races and i find it disgusting that our stupid leaders and this country does this. The bumi status should be removed and equality should be placed in its correct value of people’s brains. I Hope Malaysia will turn into a multi-racial and free country and not give the malay’s bumi status anymore. And to correct Najib, Malaysia is a democratic country NOT AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY!!!

  11. i just cast my vote…am a postal voter….but i cant reveal too much here… but suffice to say, it needs a massive change in the procedure…

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