Added : Is it true that the Malaysia election day will be on March 8th 2008? It has to be during the school holidays but normally on a working day. Anyone has news? When is voting day?

You know, with the 2008 Malaysia general election coming soon, I wonder if our politicians, both opposition and ruling can advertise on blogs?

The US parties all advertise through blogs and some even campaign through paid posts. Take a look at this Google ad taken from my politicians joke post:


John McCain campaign goes on Google Adsense.

So, I wonder if our Malaysian politicians are going to campaign for the Malaysia 2008 election through this method?

Hey, MCA, MIC, UMNO, DAP, Gerakan, PKR, PAS dan lain-lain, hire me! Place ads! Buy a paid post! I can write from any angle. You don’t need to walk in the smelly wet markets, trudge through bazaars, smile till your face muscles ache, shake till your hands get cramps, jalan till you get blisters, talk till you are hoarse. Just buy a paid post or place a banner.

Muahahahar…you can do it through my agent Nuffnang, or hire direct. The number to call is 1-300-pasti-menang