“Tiada roti canai minggu depan”

Ptui, like I care!

No oil wor.

And we call ourselves the largest palm oil producer.


Get real lah, Malaysians. Little bit, little bit, panic.

As I see it, this is just the ploy of the oil manufacturers to increase price. Once price increase, sure enough oil for all Malaysians to bath in it. I have seen so many sugar lah, rice lah, egg lah, cibai cabai shortages lah…Once price increase, there is no more shortage.

Mahai leh, our country only 27 millions, cooking oil also cannot control. Countries like India and China leh? Mah skali mati semua?

Abuden hor, we all Cina kaffir, we all can slaughter babi and make lard……Yum….

18 thoughts on ““Tiada roti canai minggu depan”

  1. damn right… when the price is up… supply will be back to normal. i am sure the price is going up soon anyway.

    oh… the ‘on this day a year ago’ is a pretty good idea… hope you dont mind me copying the concept… 🙂

  2. kSin – Infidels. Maybe I spell wrongly? But kaffir lime is limau purut wor. LOL

    choonie – Char Koay Teow

    zewt – That one is a wordpress plugin wor. Blogger got ah?

  3. Its a sign that we have to cook with no oil. if no oil, use baby oil la, no BABI oil. hahaha.

    I wonder, how come close to my house people are still selling kerepok lekor and goreng pisang? what oil they use? Minyak tanah?

  4. They now sell to rich countries for manufacture of biofuel lah!!! Can earn big money! But look on the bright side. It’s not healthy…bad for the heart. So use other cooking methods- boil, steam, roast!!! Simple economics! When fewer people buy, the price will drop! Roti canai ah! They soak the dough in oil overnite, and when they cook, they use so much oil on the hot plate!!! Sure get heart case nanti!!!! Better don’t eat! Eat dosai better!

  5. no yau char kwai, no pisang goreng, no rojak, no fried chicken

    KFC has to resort to introducing new dishes … like steamed chicken ala KFC …

    and then later UPM has devised a technic of frying or deep frying without oil … by applying a special layer of industricl grade grease and then nuking the chicken and voila …

  6. earl – Our country hor, really chialat lah, like third world like that. Every once in a while talk about food stuffs shortage.

    STP – Look who is talking! Healthy konon.

    noktah – Some of these hawkers use recycled oil from restaurants. Yes, we have recycled cooking oil for sale. Carcinogenic type cos it was heated too many times.

    professional – Hahaha, I don’t understand much of the video but I think you implied I am a professional cusser? Cos I use vulgar words a lot issit?

    agnes – Another ploy for price increase.

    bryan – Come come, we go pasar malam open bisnes

    little polaris – Our Malaysians memang like that. They love to create panic and then people start hoarding and hence, more shortage.

  7. Aiyo…why u ketuk saya wan? I memang like dat lah! Don’t eat oso fat!!! Read ur blog, see ur roast chicken…already put on 2 kgs!! So kesian lah!

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