I ate and processed this

Yesterday evening, I roasted a chicken for dinner to eat along with some pasta.

roast chicken

Some really fat chicken which I seasoned with brandy, mustard, salt and pepper. Before roasting, I rub it with rosemary and lemon juice. I stuffed the lemon into the chicken along with some fresh button mushrooms which I had stir fried with butter and garlic.

Sometime around midnight, my eldest son buzzed me on MSN (because we are in different rooms, ok?) and asked me if I have blogged about it because his friend wanted to see the roast chicken.

I told him,
“Not yet, wait I eat already, digest and shit and smell if it smells nice first. Then only I post it.”

roast chicken

If you want to learn how to roast chicken beautifully like mine, head over to my best recipe food blog. During Christmas, that post got hit so many times. However, you may need some Celebrity Sexy Body female fat burner after taking too much.

So yeah, this is but a boring post about what I ate last night. Comments, please.

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12 thoughts on “I ate and processed this

  1. Nice smell ar? The ‘sai’. Bwahahaha!!!

    I didnt subscribe leh. Default homepage liao.

  2. ChanLilian domain down this morning?? what happened? didn’t pay for the bill?

    Steven : Wuah….don’t insult me wor. I move to dedicated hosting, one month hosting fee can pay for others one year hosting liao. Still in the process of moving somemore ‘cos my empire dunno how many GB and dunno how many dozen sites to move wor.

  3. I TWO days tried…could not access Lilian’s blog…and immediately I tot the garmen oredi banned her blog cos owes cucuk sini, cucuk sana!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Thank God u’re back!!! Already got withdrawal symtoms!! (Hey! Itu penangih dadah punya terminology lah! Jangan fikir bukan bukan, ya?)

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