ISLAMISATION OF MALAYSIA – Catholics in Malaysia, please read


The PHDC of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is organizing the above mentioned forum and would like to invite you to attend a forum themed “Islamisation of Malaysia”. Three speakers have been invited to speak at the forum:

* Dr. Azmi Sharom – Dr. Azmi Sharom is an Associate professor of Law Faculty, University of Malaya and Star Columnist (Brave New World) who will speak on the legal definitions of an Islamic State, the need to retain Common Law versus Syariah Law and on the use of the word ‘Allah’ by non-muslims.

* Mr. Baldev Singh, Chairman of Catholic Lawyers’ of Penang Diocese who will speak on the pitfalls and problems of converting in and out of Islam.

* Fr. Francis Anthony, parish priest of the CHS who will speak on how Catholics can respond to these issues in a fair and peaceful manner.

Details of the forum is as follows:

Date : 20th January 2009, Sunday

Time : 7.30pm

Venue : Dewan Holy Spirit (location map of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit)

Forum Theme: “Islamisation of Malaysia”

Between the three speakers, we believe the members of our church will be able to understand with greater clarity what is happening in our country today, why it is happening and how best they can respond to it.

If you have any questions, please call Joachim at 016-4100264/04-2273405. Please circulate this message to all Catholics.

Latest news from Malaysiakini, taken from Lulu via Shadowfox

The Internal Security Ministry has confiscated English language Christian children’s books said to contain offensive caricatures of prophets from several bookshops in three states.


So, Catholics of Malaysia, do you think we should continue to stay silent? No! We should pray for God’s wisdom in guiding us to speak wisely. And vote wisely. Definitely NO MORE BARISAN NASIONAL FOR ME.

(P/S : In case you wonder the source of the invitation to the forum, it is taken from our Cathedral of the Holy Spirit weekly bulletin. I updated it weekly and it can be found under Mass and Bulletin)

14 thoughts on “ISLAMISATION OF MALAYSIA – Catholics in Malaysia, please read

  1. this is nothing to do with Islamisation of Malaysia, even kementerian dalam negeri disallow certain Islamic books which has no errors or problem in the side of Islam, yet can we call it Malaysia Anti Islam????…NO……No…

    Please dont get everthing wrong and start create problems.,…

    Grow up and use reason in this multirace and multireligion…

    True christian dont jump the gun…..

    Blogowner says : Eh, what jump the gun? There are three different things. One is the forum. It is meant for Catholics. So, if you are a Catholics, read. If not, don’t sibuk lah. Two, it is about the Internal Security Ministry act. Three, it is my own closing para. Next time, you sendiri baca baik-baik before you come and comment. Jangan campur aduk all the things. Siapa suruh pergi sangkut all together? It is all in your mind then.

  2. i do believe in freedom of speech, press and so forth and i think its ridiculous to ban books that will not be touched by certain people, or even couldn’t be bothered by the significant majority. i don’t deny its sensitivity but i’ve grown up with so many Christian story books for children that is rich with moral values and doesn’t disturb me at all to see David, Solomon, Noah and all others to be illustrated in the children’s book.

    to me, i firmly believe that those are just portraits of Christianity and i have quit rarely hear any other significant majority would even bother reading nor even touching any Christian related books. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I don’t understand why all these issues are keep enraging fellow believers of other religions. I recently read articles in TIME about Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim celebrating Christmas as joy of holiday and friendship. I wonder if this would be any possible to happen. Simple book issues.

    I wonder what other books will be banned in the future? Bible? Torah? Veda? Tripitaka? Gospels? Avesta? DaoZang? Kama Sutra?

  3. Catholic kah, Buddhist kah, Muslim kah…whatever, it is what is in your hearts that is most important. My mother was hospitalised recently and an appeal was put out for a particular group of blood, and I contacted virtually everyone that I knew. ONE person came forward, a total stranger, who heard about it from a friend of mine…and he was a Malay, a Muslim. He donated his blood…and he would not accept any payment or gift because according to him, if he did, he would not be blessed for his charitable deed. If only we have more people like that, this world would be a much better place to live in! Let us pray for peace, love and understanding among all brothers and sisters!!!…AMEN!

  4. No, it is not limited to Catholic, Christian, but actually also others that practice other believe. Those fundies will treat others as pagan, as kafir. KNN.

  5. “offend the sensitivities of Muslim”

    KNN. Look at the sentences used by the fundamentalist officer. Anything under the Sun can be offend the sensitivities of Muslim.

  6. Then in this forum, you create unnecessary hatre against the government which there are doing the equal to other religion book.

    i believe people like you do not reprensent the true teaching of christ.

    Yes I am christian, i dont jump into conclusion before i investigate the issue.

    My Lord Jesus told me that you re a kind of people do not represent HIM.
    Amen. Alleluya.!!!

    Terence says: Which part did the blog owner created hatred?
    Which part did the blog owner said that she represented the true teaching of Christ???
    By the way, WHAT is the true teaching of Christ??
    Did you ‘investigate’ before jumping to your own conclusions???
    You actually spoke to Lord Jesus???? and he told you that???? he didnt tell me wor when I had dinner with him awhile ago also.

  7. Re Santana’s post:
    Again, as what the blogowner has said, the articles is meant for catholics. What “hatre” (hatred?!) are you implying? Grow up, not everybody is in love with the government. Also, blogowner has a right to her opinions. If everybody who reads this blog is so easily swayed by a little post, woe be upon them….spineless idiots them!
    Sorry Lilian, can’t stand such idiotic comments.

  8. Comment by SANTANA (in bold is blogowner’s comment)

    Then in this forum, you create unnecessary hatre against the government which there are doing the equal to other religion book.

    You silly Santan! You seriously think I organise the forum? You talk like I have anything to do with it. I am merely copy and pasting it for Catholics. Didn’t you understand Ingrish? Catholics! Anyway, to save you so many worries, why not you come by and see for yourself?

    i believe people like you do not reprensent the true teaching of christ.

    Yayaya, I certainly do not represent anything. How silly can you be to ASSUme that I represent anything? You need to go and look at your own mirror image and adore yourself. I bet you represent Christ. Alleluia! We got Christ’s representative on my blog. OH MY GOD!

    Yes I am christian, i dont jump into conclusion before i investigate the issue.

    So what you are Christian? Does that have any bearings? Nothing. When you are here, you are MY blog reader. And nothing else. Whatever you write here, is at my expenses. It is a weekend and I am feeling bored so I let your comment goes through. Otherwise, on other days, I won’t allow people to stir shit like this. I know my other blog readers will enjoy the humour.

    My Lord Jesus told me that you re a kind of people do not represent HIM.

    Yayayaya, please send my regards to Jesus. And yes, like Terence, I just had my supper with Him. Him the Lord, I mean. And He said “God has no favourites.” (Acts 10:34-38) So nye, nye, nye, nye, you are no better than me. Or anyone else. Get that in your head. Next time don’t go around talking like you are better than anyone. Pordah! Ptui! ”

    Amen. Alleluya.!!! This I ditto.

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