Today, you write


Alright, I have something new today.

Here is a question and it needs answers. Dear Thelma stye, ok?

“Dear kepoh uncles and aunties, kepoh kor-kor and cheh-cheh”

I am a very hensem/entau/lengjai/very handsome/sangat kacak teen. Because of that, I got gurls gurls gurls chasing me.

There is one who SMS-es me three hourly! Fuyoh! *sweats* I asked my very cool mom and she said “If you ignore twice, sure she will stop liao.”

But hor, my very cool mom’s advices don’t work! Dey, maybe last time she phoned some guy twice and kena rejected, she stopped already. But now in the 21st century, the girls don’t adopt that style.

So, I still get three hourly SMS eventhough I have stopped responding! And this has gone on for weeks already! *tolong!!!! kau meng ahhhhh!!!!!* 5am I also get sms like “Hi! I cannot sleep.* DOH!

You tell me how lah? It is all my mom’s fault, for giving birth to such hensem Lohs like me. Faster tell me before I go wacko. How do I tell it to her that I AM not interested! Not even as friends ‘cuz I don’t have so much money to sms. And hor, actually, I got eyes for other pretty lenglui liao. šŸ˜›

Signed : Very perasan guy

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  1. tak jumpa la subscribe button! semalam ada problem mau mai masuk ini blog apa cerita?

    wah this blog turn red more and more, making the CNY moods better than ever =)

  2. You poor dear, lots of guys would love to have your problem kekeke. Tell her you are already taken by a very fierce female šŸ˜‰ and her equally fierce gang members who might fix her insomnia permanently . She might also publish all her ( the girl’s) stuff plus her details in her blog, in which case she will NEVER find a date again.
    P.S. I’m sure the “very fierce ” female won’t mind paying for that one SMS .Good Luck

  3. To very perasan guy

    Just tell that girl point blank that you have other leng lui as your target and that she will have no chance at all.

  4. I know how you feel. I get them hourly. (Lilian, Bryan, SHADDUP!!)

    Go out with her once lah. Keep your options open mah. Have a great time and see what happens lor. Its all about having fun at your age. Mix around lah.

  5. i think gay lou wont work..girls nowadays very keng..they dont even mind being NO2. duh…this is celita betul…i always hear this from my teenage sister telling me all those celita the “hiao” frens do….but then hor…give urself more option is good…heheeh

  6. that ah..easy la..just tell her that she’s ugly.she sure susah hati and then she wont kacau anymore
    girls very sensitive what…ahahaha,,

  7. aaron – LOL, kua cheong lorrr…Sai mm sai ah?

    sue me – You very cruel ler but hor, facts of life wor.

    froginkl – Eh option not workable wan cos hor like (nay, sue me pointed one, spot on)

    agnes – Choy….later news spread jor, mah sei for. Kena hunted by gays pulak.

    angchoonseong – Cis, perasan nyer. LOL

    terence – PORDAH, you lagi perasan! Eh, options if nice nice nvm lah. Haiyah, some things are better told on MSN, later I kena condemn.

    mrberng – But really la, got girls so terang terang ignore sms liao, till will not give up wan meh hor?

    romantic – Hahaha, so drama your suggestion.

    azhan – You silap post, this comment for previous post lah.

  8. Tell it straight to her face lar. Say she is not the type of girl u r looking for. If her face is as thick as tembok, then you got to use some harsh way of telling her liau. Your mummy sure can help you one keh………… Btw, hansem is not wrong ok? You better thanks your mummy for tat leh. wahahaha

  9. Dear Very perasan guy,

    If you get the SMS from unknown source, what you get probably SMS scam. Do NOT reply, because scammer might make it as automatically ops in a charge you 9 9.
    If the call come from a valid number, it can be a telemarketer that sell you sort holiday package. Just call back and say you don’t have a credit card. If they like to apply it for you, give your hamster name to them.
    When they sign up your hamster, blog about it


    Signed : Keh-poh-koh-koh.

  10. Use her and then dump her if she doesn’t want to stop sms you. Take full advantage of your good look mah. Make your mother proud.

  11. active dragon – Choy…..bad moral.

    moo_t – Eh, you got read the post or not ah? Next time spare me long long comments that are not relevant at all to the questions, can ah?

    erina – Wuah, the mommy got ‘leong sum’ wan…..kenot treat girls like that wan….bad karma wei…later kena dump the same way next time leh?

  12. Ur son so hensem meh? Doesn’t look like u lah like dat? LOL!!!…What u can do is post the itchy girl’s number and ask all ur readers to call her, sms her, harass her….or get new number for ur son lah! Girls nowadays like dat lah! If pretty, sexy…never mind! Face like dat oso want to hiao!!!

  13. OK. I know the story liao.

    Change your phone number and ask your whole family to move. To Ipoh. The most dangerous place is the most safest place. Bwahahahaha!!!!

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