Someone ‘esok lusa sampai lupa’. Now, he going to piss in his pants because the caterers he called are all busy.

He wants to hire a caterer with roasted whole lamb for a party of around 100 at the end of this January.

Anyone has contact for a caterer in the Petaling Jaya area, please drop them here? Or email me if you want.

*And this is a sponsored post. Nay, by the Ah Beng who asked me to write. USD128 into my Paypal now!*

4 thoughts on “VELI VELI URGENT!!!

  1. Agnes – Wuah, thanks a lot wor, really long list hor? I go ask Terence if he wants to get married again then he can hire one also.

    Correct or not TERENCE oi!

  2. If you are looking for a mixed fusion of western and local food (good quality food and your budget about RM25-30 per pax), I want to suggest Groupbase Catering (look for Rini at 012-6888261). The service is excellent and the food is just fantastic.

    We have tried Eden Catering which is not bad too.

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