Do you like my flowers?

Su asked me where did I get these Ah Lian like plum flowers dropping dropping dropping dropping like that.

Su, it is a WordPress plugin and my #2 son changed the snowflakes to pink for me. The below is the gif file.


Just save the gif file, download the plugin from AndyBeard, replace the pink snow.gif with the original snow.gif which is white. Upload and activate.

But I notice you are using blogspot so I suppose it won’t work for your site. I Google and found this javascipt for snowfall effect on Tech-Buzz. I cannot guarantee if it works.

If you are running self-hosting WordPress then, just get the plugin. Much easier. You can do it for Valentine’s Day to have hearts falling.

Eh, Mr. Pang Sai, you wanna shit dropping or not? I can do it for you. Take a pic of my sai, resize it and taddaaaa…..

Everybody, you like my Chinese New Year look or not ah? Say YES lah! Two days I don’t get comments, I am hard-up for comments already.

Please comment….Tolong…..Chi pai nia

7 thoughts on “Do you like my flowers?

  1. I like the chinese new year theme, flowers and all. not ah lian at all. very simple and sweet. classy lah. i jealous because my blogspot one kenot do liddat.

  2. Many Thanks again! i tried a few times and given up. but i’ve done something else to change it. gonna explore again later. also gonna decorate my office with red packets today! its definitely easier than using computer! lol!

  3. i love the flowers!! very very pretty!
    but something was wrong with your site yesterday. everytime i accessed it, my kaspersky antivirus would pop and tell me that something malicious was trying to invade my computer! but it seems ok today…so i guess you’ve fixed whatever that was wrong.

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