Penangites, are you plagued with these green insects?

For two nights already these little green insects swarmed my house. It is a yearly affair, happening around this time of the year. And those farking tiny green thing bites and it is damn itchy.

So, on the first night, I switched off my lights, turned on the aircond and closed the door and worked in darkness. But my son who was playing games in the living room had the lights on and the next morning….

My little boy was going out of our bedroom when we woke up.


Mommy knows he is very sissy and afraid of any insects.

“Haiyar, insects only, nevermind go to the kitchen and get your cocopops.”


“What cannot walk lah.” *thinking to self, sei lor, so pondan jor, I spoilt him too much*


“Wait first, mommy must wear eye (contact lenses) first.”

And fulamak!!! The floor, the sofa, the table, the unfolded laundry all covered with the darn insects. It took me several rounds of cleaning before I could sweep them up.


And last night, I warned my eldest son already. If he still leave the lights on all over the living room and attract the insects to come in, I am going to sweep them and cook rice for him to eat.

He said, “What? You want me to go blind playing in the dark?”

Me, “I don’t care wor, at least I don’t need to sweep those cilaka insects.”

And the solution was, we left one light at a corner on so they swarmed over there. I will wait for my housekeeper to kautim that corner.

So, Penangites, does your house get these insects? They only come after midnight. I wonder how many nights more before the whole colony is dead.

19 thoughts on “Penangites, are you plagued with these green insects?

  1. Yes, yes, OMG YES!!!!!

    The brown ones are annoying, but easily squashed (still, they’re such a big mess to clean in the morning). The green ones, however, are a serious pain in the ass, because their bite really hurt!

  2. yes!! my place had also been invaded by these insects. but luckily most of them remain outside my unit as there’s a light on outside on the corridor and on my balcony. but every morning i wake up and my front door/balcony is littered with these dead insects. i wonder where they come from?!

  3. Oh yes! Every morning the roof top of the car, porch and front door is littered with the little insects and damn! The green ones bites!
    And their wings are all over the place!

  4. Don’t think mine house every got infected with the green ones
    but sometimes of the year when it rains, i get the black ones which are irritating like hell
    they drop off their wings and then turn to crawl around your skin, which is so disgusting
    even after turning off the lights they’re still there
    and the next day sure sweep like crazy
    coz they’ve all dropped dead
    stupid i tell u
    irritate like hell when they’re alive, dead also so irritating

  5. Well, the green type one leh…if I am not mistaken, they can reproduce on its own one…queen lahir one, then become two then four etc…so…really fast got big load of them…

    K, Googled, I think they are aphids…hahhaa.

  6. What’s the scientific name for those kind of insects anyways?

    Btw, it’s the green ones with the soft shells that sting. Hard shelled ones doesn’t sting, whether or not they’re green, brown or white.

  7. my house pun ala

    i’ve notice them for the past weeks.. jus swamming around… and biting… and the bloody leave horible scars even thou i dun scratch them.. bulat, timbun dan keras

    and i end up with a pile like yours too… i tot that’s the end of their season.. mana tau ala lagi the next morning

  8. sometimes they will appear just before it rains.
    Its like some kinda seasonal insect….every yr sure got 1 period they come out n play beramai-ramai

    while bathing early in the morning also they come n attack…their nasiblah if get stucked in the foam of soap…but after tht body itching…not good.

  9. Our house also berlambak. So itchy and painful. I kena on the butt once. So painful, I can’t even sit properly. We had them in our room few nights back and since then, we close our windows at 7pm. Just before they come in. And when everyone reach home already, close door as well. Turn-on the air cond and stay inside. When they came in, want to sleep also cannot. Busy mass killing them. So tiring. They stick on your computer screen. So bodoh. Want to online also benci.

    Every morning some more must vaccumm.

  10. Yah, damn painful la the bite. I kena three on my right shoulder.

    I remember my cousin kena bitten on his pee pee when he was a kid then went to ask his mommy to ‘kiss make better’. LOL! Cannot forget that one la.

  11. First things first. Know the enemy. Anyone can identify their name so we can know how they operate?

    2nd, how to get rid of them over shutting out the light in my room? šŸ˜€


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