Stuck at hairdresser

Si peh sienz. So many aunties. So many gossips. I listen until siao ledi. Like desperate housewives.

My butt itchy ask for hair coloring. They cover my ears. They stink my hair. Why do women put themselves through torture like these?

What colour shall i choose? Blue like my idol? Red for cny? Pink as 5xmom? Blonde for pintai?

I cannot understand why women can sit for 3 hours to get their hair ironed? And others sit for 4 hours to get them curly. Women are such funny creatures, aren’t they? No wonder I end up with Lion King hair.

Help! One hour on this torture chair. Thank god for mobile blogging.

Updated: Another round of torture. Highlights pulak. Sad….

11 thoughts on “Stuck at hairdresser

  1. haha i used to straighten my hair twice but todate, its curlier than ever! and i’m embracing it =)

    now i go for cheap aiyee gunting lambut shop around my neighborhood. haiyoh ,the cuci kepala section is so shiok relax otak yang mau ini pecah har!

  2. budokid – Bryan stripped it naked for overhaul. Cos this blog is 4 years old liao.

    corren – Ya, and I spent almost four hours there! Can die.

    azhan – Buat dreadlocks. Or watchacallit?

    giddy tigress – CNY here, go again. šŸ™‚

  3. haha you read my mind! i really want to do dreadlocks and look like those nasty european hippie all around thailand, but i rather be cleaner la =)

  4. the longest time i sat at the hair stylists was for 6 hours – went to get a cut, digital perm, color and treatment!! burnt a huge hole in my pocket, sit until butt also pain and skipped lunch… but i did like the resulting hairstyle. never again though!! 6 hrs is way too much torture.

  5. i oso kenot sit long long at the hairdresser’s. I don’t perm or straighten my hair. only go to get hair cut. even then oso i tell them no need to wash, just wet the hair and cut and blow dry to do the final snip snips.

    i did highlight my hair once a couple of years ago. the ah piau hairdresser made me so blonde! my husband kept calling me ‘ah lian, ah lian’

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