So random

1) I decided to do away with paid posts and cleaned my faith blog. I submitted my site for reconsideration on January 15th. Let’s see how many weeks it takes before I get my PR back. I am going to write more faith and church-y stuffs. I was reluctant to do it because morons always take my words like I represent any church or religion. I am terribly good with writing faith stuffs, not religious stuffs. So, to hell with morons. I will concentrate of Yehsou-kong stuffs. (preachy stuffs).

2) I dyed and highlighted my hair. Now they look golden. My hairdresser said I must sport short-short hair to suit the colour. Wateva. I never comb my hair so the shorter, the better.

3) While I was at the hair salon, I discovered that there are no age barrier to women who are ‘ai sui’ (wants beauty). So many of the grandmas are spending lots of money to do their hair and one even hire a make-up artist to do make-up for her while doing her hair. Phweet…go, ah poh, go!

4) I bought some Chinese New Year clothes already. Seems that this year and last year fashion are still the same. People still sell tights (or watchallit tight tight pants?) and those baby dresses. Tall women like me, can carry off those fashion. Short, fat women, please don’t make people wonder if you are pregnant.

5) Some fakey bugger is damn fakey man. Own heng tai here never want to help. Just for publicity sake, blow trumpet loud-loud elsewhere. I see you no up.

6) I notice that if I don’t read the papers, I am much happier. I went out of my home at noon today and after many trip, in and out of the house, I have missed reading today’s news. And hey, I got nothing to bitch!

7) If the contestants in the American Idiot Idol represents the citizens of the United States of America, I guess all Americans are nuts, super fat, foul mouth, have no manners and out of 100, only 1 is normal. But I suppose all those contestants have been manipulated by the show producer just for kicks. One word to describe Americans. Weird!

8 ) Now, I dig whites. I no longer like blacks. I mean chocolate.

9) I am so bad with both of my cars’ buttons and levers. I have a short husband and a tall son. Between them, they adjusted the driver seat to and fro. When I got on the car, I do not know how to move the Naza Ria’s driver seat to suit me. So, sometimes, I drove close to the steering, sometimes, I feel like I am one of those lorry driver who relekssss cos the steering is so far ahead. I tell you, it is not easy to drive like that. HOI, Terence, when you are in Penang, you want me to fetch you around town ah? Go double your life insurance first, ok?

10) Now I wonder, I got 9 different things and how are people going to respond to them? Which will they pick? I am still hard-up for comments because the server migration (sorry for the virus warning, I don’t know what happened also) has caused many of my comments to disappear. So, please lah, 9 things, find one or take all to comment lah!

Thank you.

14 thoughts on “So random

  1. raya mood dah mai dah na? shiok habis! angpau jangan lupa hor! =P

    and oh yes, american are weird. come to think about it, i survived with 2 families there. omg so weird i wonder how i survived!!

  2. oki, i chin chai pick one…

    m btw my mum and my dad size… mum drive in the morning, dad drives in the evening…

    occasionally i’ll take over the wheels.. and before i can gerak the car, i need to spend a few seconds to touch here, touch there…. like you, my mum couldnt be bothered to shift the chair not the mirrors…

    i still wonder how she drive la… as she’ll ONLY drives when she needs to go sumwhere alone

  3. i very dak han now, cuz wan to de-stress before my first paper at 9am later. so i’m gonna comment on semua.

    1) takda baca your churchy blog. takda kisah

    2) post picture let us see la! dun kiamsiap!

    3) eh, when my grandma was still alive, she always combed her hair every morning and spent really long time doing tat! i can confirm that every woman ai sui

    4) aih~~ good for u. i din buy new clothes yet. bo eng.

    5) oh well, some people memang do things for ‘greater good’ de la. benefit ownself more mai greater good lor.

    6) you’re right. i just read the papers today, and i am damn angry and got so much things to rant abt. every thursday batik day? need or not?

    7) contestants of reality show, especially those in the auditions are all manipulated. they only show those with entertainment value. i know cuz i’ve been in one. haha. so dun generalize americans that way la.

    8) eeee… colorist!! actually i am too, but i like blacks. wakakaka

    9) oh well, get yourself a new personal car and forbid them to drive it. then u dun have to adjust the seats! kao tim.

    10) i just sapu-ed all and commented. wakakaka

  4. Aiyor, Lilian…u like Chipsmore! Now I see, now I don’t! And everytime I thought u kena banned sudah!!! Wah! Oredi buy CNY baju kah? Sexy or not? U got open house for CNY? I will be in Penang for a few days…so I go eat the nice, nice foor I see on your blog, ok or not? And oso see u in ur sexy new baju? And oso collect BIG BIG ang pow from u! I retire oredi wor…bog lui liaw! And don;t ask me bring along hensem principal, nanti dia curi my steam! LOL!!!

    P.S.: Hi Robb! U oso here, see auntie kah? Hope ur exam ok.

  5. i also ai sui although i don’t admit. spent RM207 to rebond and cut short short, wanted to get a bob cut like victoria beckham type hor but the result so tak jadi. end up go home and trim myself wakakaka

    i think the ah po at ur hair salon look better than me now :S

  6. No comments. Too tedious, so many.

    Don’t tell ppl i coming to Penang lah. After all line up to meet me how???

  7. Don’t worry, terence. Suituapui going to be there, so they all line up to meet me lah! Wakakakakaka!!!!!

  8. Wah! u go buy cny clothes liau kah? I apa pun belum buat lagi. šŸ™ I never like to read newspaper and I agree it make me happier when I don’t read them.

  9. Now, I know why I get the virus warning. I tot something wrong with my system. I have my rebond in December and now I want to color my hair. But dun know when to do it. I have yet to buy my new cloth and I will remember not to buy the bb dress since I am short. I know how to handle the button, so no problem of me adjusting the car seat. Btw, you make me laugh when I read your #9.

  10. choonie – Bryan solved it already, who wants webhost, find Bryan.

    erina – Baru two sets only. Tomolo go buy somemore.

    STP – No handsome gurubesar, no talk. You bawak him, I cook you homecooked meals. Deal? *die, my sons sure said I chi9sin jor*

    terence – HOI, dun perasan lah.

    slowkapchup – Yesterday hor, I too busy to camwhore. Today wake up my hair like a bunch of Ah Beng’s hair liao. *sobs*

    pablo – I think so. LOL, I wouldn’t know cos I only go a few times a year so I don’t know what normal price is also.

    robb – Good luck in your exams! Hope the long replies helped to de-stress for you.

    kSin – Moms are built tougher, drives in all terrains and all vehicles. Hahaha.

    azhan – Yalor, with Thaipusam and CNY, aiyorrr…the traffic jam…mampus, next week no need to go out already. Thaipusam is a three days deal here.

  11. lilian, kakteh is in Penang! She and her other half gave a talk in USM this morning, I found about it at a very last minute! Glad I was there, the talk was so good, the company better!

  12. LOL, gold hair with red cheong sam… I can imagine you look like Lilian Too(Feng Sui Master) btw, you should have taken the photo and post here

  13. Steven – LOL I am Lilian too and I want to be rich and got 3 husbands like Lillian too. THREE wor!!! Dunno real or not. Kahkahkah.

    Athene – Cya!

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