Meeting with Kak Teh

I woke up at 7.10 am this morning. You know it has to be something BIG or else I will sleep till noon. I forced myself to sleep at midnight otherwise, I go to bed at 3 am or 4 am.

My little boy is exceptionally well behaved today because I bribed him with, “After we meet auntie, we go to Jusco and play arcade games.”

Funnily enough, all the traffic lights were green and there was no jam at all. I am supposed to meet Kak Teh at 9 am + and I reached there about 10 minutes before 9 am. Athene told me Kak Teh is having breakfast at the coffeehouse (which I passed by on my way to the lobby) but I dare not approach her.

Malu lah, the coffee house was packed with hotel guests. Tak kan I masuk and shout, “Kak Teh oi, Kak Teh…yang mana satu ni Kak Teh? Will the real Kak Teh please stand up?”

So, I told Athene I will wait for her arrival before we meet up with Kak Teh. Moreover, I carried my kid from the car park, up two flights of stairs and I dah tercungap-cungap. Then, Kak Teh pun appear. I have never seen Kak Teh before because she never posted a photo of herself on her blog, I think.

But she is every bit like the Kak Teh personality on her blog. Warm, friendly and chocolately.


So here is the mysterious Kak Teh. And the gentleman sitting down is Awang Goneng. Both husband and wife also blog. Kak Teh is so amused with the roti tissue from Kayu Nasi Kandar.

Both of them were previously with NST, masa 70-an dulu-dulu lah. Now, they reside in London and they are back to launch Awang Goneng’s book – Growing up in Trengganu or GuiT Kak Teh told me the books they brought along were sold out.

Hello all,

Awang Goneng will be at MPH Midvalley on 20th January 3-4pm for a booksigning session.

Hope to see all of you there.

So, KL folks, catch them in KL!

In a few words, meeting Kak Teh is what I would say touch base with ourselves as Malaysians. Sometimes, all the crazy developments, political issues, tensions related to our religions and things like that tend to pull us back into our little corner. But when you have friends and even friendly strangers like Kak Teh, you realised that we are but one happy company call Malaysians. That’s why I went out of my schedule and drove a distance to meet Kak Teh. Because I know long ago, Kak Teh is one of the inspiring woman that I would want to emulate as a mother. You have to read her blog to understand how we mothers can connect with each other, heart and soul.

And it is nice to finally meet up with Athene.

Now I am off to Gurney! After a trip to Queensbay this morning to fulfil my promise to my kid. Ta ta!

7 thoughts on “Meeting with Kak Teh

  1. lilian, it was lovely meeting you and I would have ‘kidnapped’ the adorable mathew if i had my way! You are lucky i didnt gigit him. thank you for coming and i had a lovely time wth you,mathew and athene. Thank you, thank you.
    and what a lovely picture!

  2. Laaa Kak Teh ke, ingat kan sapa la itu blogger dari UK. Ewah…I cakap macam kenal K Teh personally, yes I know she is here with the husband for the book lauch. Once I talked to a few of her friends, who used to be with NST when I followed Shaidah to a book launch.

  3. wah..i never read kak teh’s blog before.whats the link??hehe..
    kayu’s food damn expensive wei..but its damn

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