Taking stock of blogging

What is your blogging name?

The 5xmom, of course

When did you start blogging, exact date?

October 24th, 2004

What was your first title?

Bloggers are weirdos *link goes to my old blogspot* (and after four years, they get weirder and weirder)

Which posting you feel is the best post so far?

I have too many ‘bests’ but I think anything categorised under ‘Faith‘ are straight from my heart.

But just a post I picked up from search engines. I rule #1 page for ‘kote‘. Go read that post ‘Kisah pasal kote kecil‘.

Who promote/source of inspiration for you to blog?

No one. I am the fountain of creativity, the inspiration just flows and flows. But eheh, money is a good inspiration too.

When day [sic] usually post entries? (I think they mean what is the regular time you blog)

Anytime but if ‘business’ blogging, I usually do it late at night when my children have gone to bed and I have no one to bug me to make drinks, cook food, read book, teach….Yeah, I have a lot of things to do beside my blogs. If it is one of my shoot from the hip, no need to think twice, bitchy post, I can do it on the spot, anytime.

Where would you prefer to be when you are blogging?

I have a working desk with two computers. But I think I will prefer to write from just anywhere. If only it is not so difficult to type with my QWERTY keyboard on my Sony P1i……but I am getting better at it and soon, I will be writing from just anywhere.

Have you met other bloggers? Who?

A lot. The biggest is the Together Gather Bloggers Meet. Wingz said they may organise another one. Please go bug him.

blackgroupMalaysian bloggers

How many entries you made in a month?

30 (days, one per day) x 10 (blogs) = ? at least

Would you reveal your face or your family in your blog? Why?

Initially, I started blogging on play-play basis with only a few friends and yeah, I had revealed. So, it is too late for me to go anon. now.

Would you promote your friends to blog? Why?

No way! I evade giving my blogs URL to people because sometimes, whatever I wrote in my personal blog is too raw and harsh. I am a nice person, you know? But I gotta maintain that blog aura for the audience and also to get my points across.

Would you feel restless/guilty conscious/incomplete if you didn’t blog for a month?

What? Are you crazy? I cannot even go offline for a week. That’s because I have commitments to advertisers. But if you are talking about my personal blog, minus the business side, I would love to stop blogging for a month and test if anyone miss my blog or not.

Define blogging.


Stole this from Simon.

And passing it to anyone who wish to recall all these when, why, how, where and what of blogging. Especially whoever asked me to ‘Post something lah!’ Do it, it is good to take stock.

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  1. Hei mama, why don’t you reveal your face? Even I bum into you I also don’t know who are you. Btw, I think if I am not mistake I saw you having dinner at the Banana Leaf Shop at Midland Height there last month.

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