Proton Besar Lagi Murah – Kereta Proton BLM baru

The dear hubby went out of his way to the Proton showroom to view the new Proton BLM. I was fast asleep so I missed the opportunity.

However, he brought back the brochure and told me it is Potong Besar Lagi Murah. Like the ban chean kueh. RM1, you get a whole piece to feed the family type. Inside, no kacang, no gula, no Planta type? Can fill you up, but no frills type.

ban cheang kueh

Just to rub it in, one MSN buddy was showing off his Beemer. He had been showing off a few days already but I pretend buat dunno. Beemer = BMW = Bring More Worries

Samm wants PR6 says (1:59 AM):
bmw for guys stand for
bring more women
bring more worries
break my wallet

(learn this from Samm)

So, I MSN him.

“Wuah, your avatar *points to the car photo in the MSN avatar*…..

is that the new Besar Lagi Murah kah?”

He was so insulted with my question. Now, I am in trouble.

10 thoughts on “Proton Besar Lagi Murah – Kereta Proton BLM baru

  1. What improvements have they done in the new Proton BLM a.k.a. Proton Saga remade? Jangan-jangan kereta cepat remuk nyawa pun tak terselamat in collision wor!!!

  2. using savvy chasis and tech…i think this car is quite safe…good handling too…

    but i dont like the looks…old proto saga have this backtothefuture flying car looks…and this one doesnt.

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