More Chinese New Year goodies – Steam nien gao with grated coconut

sticky sweet Chinese New Year cake - nien gao

This poor nien gao is one of the most photographed nien gao in the world. I bought it last week and purposely wait for it to hardened.

I just cut it into tiny pieces and steamed it.

chinese new year rat

Chinese New Year 2008 is on February 7th but I am taking full advantage of it now. Eat first before others do. That’s the spirit of the Rat. By the way, this is the new cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Do you know why the Rat is the first animal to reach Buddha when the 12 animals were summoned? Actually, Lord Buddha called the cat to come. But the cat was a bit lazy and he want to sleep. He asked his good friend, rat to wake him up. But the cunning rat didn’t wake lazy cat up. Instead, he potong trick to make the dash to meet Lord Buddha.

chinese new year rat

That’s why the cat still bear grudges with the rat until today. Meanwhile, when the 12 animals comprisinig
rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, drago, snake, horse, goat, monkey, cock, dog and pig

were going to Lord Buddha, the rat asked to ride on the cow. Or is it a bull? This cunning rat claimed he is the smallest and hence, too tired for the journey. So, the nice Mr. Cow gave him a ride on his back. This time, when the cow and rat were close to Lord Buddha, the rat jumped off the back of the Mr. Cow and become the first animal to reach Lord Buddha. Hence, the Chinese Lunar New Year starts with the Rat as the first animal sign.

steamed nien gao with dessicated coconut

This is the steamed nien gao which I rolled in dessicated coconut. I steamed it till really gluey and sticky and then, rolled the glob of brown sweet nien gao in fresh coconut that has been flavoured with a pinch of salt.

The nien gao is so sticky, when my hubby dropped the plate, the nien gao still stick to the plate. Be cautious when eating it because it may choke you buy glueing up your throat.

When I was growing up, we have nien gao almost all year round because they last and last if we keep it dry under the sun once in a while. My mom bought a lot because we got a lot of gods to bribe. Imagine when kitchen god went up to heaven.

Heaven god asked kitchen god to report on the Chan’s household.

Heaven god asked : Did they scold any bad words? Did their youngest daughter steal any foods meant for the ancestors?

Kitchen god too busy eating nien gao : Broopeuwwekkgrouuuppurgghrrdhhdbrropgrruooppp

Heaven god : Is that a yes or no?

Kitchen god too busy eating nien gao : Broopeuwwekkgrouuuppurgghrrdhhdbrropgrruooppp

Heaven god : I take it as a no? Good….merit points for the little girl. (That means me lah, bodoh! I am the youngest in the family mah)

chinese new year

I just love Chinese New Year. Don’t you?

And have you eaten nien gao this way? Go get one of those steamed in banana leaves and try.

7 thoughts on “More Chinese New Year goodies – Steam nien gao with grated coconut

  1. I’ve eaten that sticky stuff coated with beaten egg and deep-fried…but anyway, I don’t like the stuff. So sticky and hard to swallow. Started making ur cakes and cookies yet, Lilian? What else are u cooking? I’m already puasaing…preparing to go to Lilian’s Open House! I hear u give BIG angpows too! $$$$$$$!!!

  2. aaron – I pokkai jor this year. Last year I did give. Lots of it, in real cash and in PayPal.

    STP – Bring hensem headmaster and it is a deal. LOL.

    azhan – Yeah, I love those pussy willows.

    terence – And the cat turned evil and become a pussy which eventually cause the downfall of many famous men…..Cilaka. Out of topic lah. I asked you got eat the nien gao or not, you go off topic. Learn from my other commentors issit? Bwahaha.

  3. Now just where did I throw his hp number? Celaka! So hot with that fellow, gave my anak poor grade for Literature!!! *&%$#@!!!! No choice now! Have to be nice2 to him cos want to go to Lilian’s house, collect angpow! LOL!

  4. My MIL has a nien gao which is more than 2 years old liao. Still display in the living room with the ‘fu’ character on it.

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