The Allah issue and the Islamisation thingie

If you remember, I mentioned about the Islamisation of Malaysia forum in my previous post. I closed the comments because I hate to argue with a santan.

So, I attended it and it was a very enlightening forum.

Question – Can we (I mean Catholics) refer to God as Allah?

Yes, individually we can do so. But if an organisation depends on the permit, then, that’s another story. Unless and until, Parliament has made the ruling that we cannot use it, then, only we cannot do so. I shall not go deeper into this. Takut nanti punggung kena asap.

Question – Is Malaysia an Islamic country?

Yes, Malaysia is an Islamic country because we have a majority of Muslims. So, all our adat-adat will follow the Muslims adat where official function is concerned.

But, Malaysia is not an Islamic STATE. Meaning, we the non-Muslims are not governed by the Syariah law. We follow the constitution which allows us freedom to choose our religion. Of course, in reality, we know that we are sometimes denied that. And that is the reason why the forum is held so that we know our rights and exactly where we stand.

There are lots and lots of notes I took down, including all the Articles in the Constitution. Bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda. I have never read the Constitution before and seriously, I have no idea about a lot of things. And I suppose a lot of us are guilty of being ignorant like me.

Oh yeah, that Dr. Azmi is very ‘yeng’. Tall, outspoken and sungguh bergaya. Dr. Azmi Sharom blog can be found here.

There is nothing political about the forum except that we were given a very long (and sometimes boring) briefing by a lawyer Bernard (or is it Baldev?) on the laws related to conversion to Islam. Even our parish priest avoid any touchy issue but he told us that we must always speak the truth. Listen to that little voice in us and do what we feel is right.

To spice up things, do you know that when you are in Malaysia and you are a Muslim, you have to follow what the Malaysian Islamic authority says? I heard that famous Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan who is a Muslim came to Malaysia for a concert or something. He marries a Hindu wife and it was all fine in India. But he got into trouble when he was here, for sharing a room with his wife. Hehehehe…*slaps forehead*

And to my Muslims readers, seriously, we hardly use the term Allah in our daily worship. Most of the time, if we ever sing in Bahasa Malaysia, we use Tuhan. Moreover, I think none of you will feel threaten even if the term is used because I believe your faith is too strong to be shaken by this. I suppose no one will feel confused or afraid that their children will be misled.

That’s about it. No comment needed. I am closing it. Santan not welcome.

4 thoughts on “The Allah issue and the Islamisation thingie

  1. i thing if bible has the word allah in it i don’t have problame with it…since jesus(pbuh) are also a muslim….

  2. All this started by less-reading man, Banning the usage of word “Allah” for non Muslims. Lol. Does he even care to know what the Christians in Arab Peninsular call their God before Islam. They still use the same word. Does he understand the concept of Trinity? He merely says what he thinks is right. Do more reading before making a decision he should.

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