The cat and mouse game the pirates play

By pirates, I don’t mean those at seas. I mean the Uncle Ho type and I guess I don’t need to explain to Malaysians what they are. And if you are not a Malaysian and piracy doesn’t ring a bell, then, this post is not for you.

*oops, I just remember that I forgot to mail some lust to someone in Ipoh! Still want ah?*

I really admire these Ah Bengs for their resilience, smart entrepreneurship and how they can get around the law. However, these are not just any Ah Bengs but many of them are IT grads or at least diploma holders because they do know a lot about cracks, OS and stuffs like that.

We have many shops here. DVD movies, music CD, MTV, computer games, OS and those kids’ programs that will enhance knowledge. I know about Pee2Pee but I hate searching and waiting for the downloading and stuffs like system incompatibilities etc so why make life difficult when you can get them all packaged nicely?

Back to Ah Bengs and Uncle Ho shops. They have a shop with full displays. All nicely arranged, alphabetical order, latest arrival, sections for kids, games, softwares etc etc. But….all these are empty bags. There is not a single disc around. Only printed papers and plastic bags hanging up on the shelves.

So, what can you do about them? Nothing! It is a nice, clean, bright, regular shop with nothing sinister.

Yet, they are still doing business.

“Kor-kor, this one can play on Windows XP ah?

“Yes, you want?”

“Yes. How much ah?”

“Goh kor. RM5.”

Then, Kor-kor Beng will use the walkie talkie and buzz…

“DVD 1071, DVD 1071, CD 2087 CD 2087”

Wait for a few minutes and it is handed to you in a nice plastic bag by a runner.

Business done. The runner goes back to his bird-eye’s view seat to see if there is any ‘visitors’ and the shop attendants continue doing business. I don’t know where those plastic bag of stuffs appear from, serious.

As for us customers, we still patronise because they are there.

Morally, whose fault is it? Because of the demand, so there is supply or because there is supply, so we demand? Can I tell Datuk FU back, “Don’t blame us lah.”

My say – Make hay while the sun shines. And when I see those runners and the shop attendants, I really wish our police force have the same cat and mouse skills like them. That way, criminals will have no chance. Agree or not? That’s what my husband said the other day. He said our police force ought to hire more Chinese and Indian policemen because hahaha, sensitive as it sounds, we are more cunning (of course, this is not necessary a good or bad point) and hence, we probably will catch more criminals. Our Malay brothers are more straightforward, kinder, nicer and hence, probably did not get a step ahead of the crooks. And I say this as a compliment, please.

7 thoughts on “The cat and mouse game the pirates play

  1. I oso want! Not need sent by post, I walk to your house collect. Keke…

    Btw, those ah beng memang keat wan, apa cracks also got!

  2. bryan – Yalor, so thankful to them we become a IT pandai rakyat hor? Heh, Midlands 1-stop oso got mah.

    terence – You sure bored to death with it lah. I give you URL for free videos, want ah? What genre you fancy ah? Amateur, get-even-with ex (yeah CSL video quali there) or what ah?

    Bogan – Yayayaya. Doh!

    Samm – Pos laju RM3. Kautim jor.

  3. When there is a supply, sure the demand increase mah..
    When there is a demand sure supplier increase their supply..
    DVD Quality very good, can change anytime if not satisfied..
    How the enforcement officer want to sapu them out from this business?

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