Blogger-wannabe and blogger has-been

The fourth blog anniversary of this domain is on Valentine’s Day. Four years of blogging feels like 400 years in real life.

So, I was wondering which phase I am at now. Once upon a time, one is blogger-wannabe. Then, some bloggers actually expired their use-by date. Their posts get lame, their direction get senseless like a headless chicken and that spells the end of their blog’s attraction. From afar, we the bystanders can see this sad stage hitting fellow bloggers.

Then, there is the peak when the blogger is on everyone’s lips.

I know I am over that blogger-wannabe stage. However, I do not think I deserve the blogger has-been curse because my traffic is still ok, I see new readers and new bloggers linking to me still. Yet, I do not feel that I am riding the wave anymore. In fact, it has come to a stage where nothing amuse me anymore.

I hate this ‘been there, done that, seen everything’ age. It is no fun being an ‘adult’ blogger because every thing is a ‘oh, XYZ blogger did this stunt before, chey…this is nothing new, aiyah….don’t know how many people have blogged about this and you are only finding out?’ You know what I mean? Nothing is fresh, nothing is new.

It is like the honeymoon stage is over. The cherry has popped. Now, it is just to maintain that relationship. And that’s when things get boring and harder to maintain.

So, ask yourself –

Are you a blogger-wannabe where everything is so rosy and promising?

Are you one of the victim of the blogger-has been, burnt out, command no respect and forgotten by your readers?

And please share how do you maintain that enthusiasm to continue the oomph of blogging? I am sure there are many bloggers much older than I am in terms of ‘blogging age’. What are the signs to look out for before blogger demise?

15 thoughts on “Blogger-wannabe and blogger has-been

  1. I am one of those bloggers who are not categorised in your post.

    A blogger who is tired of the system in which the Malaysian blogosphere exists. Where people blog because everybody wants to be “rich and famous”.

    Where the hypocritical people dwell and bitch about everyone.

    Where the bloggers with a little more hits than the average blogger carries themselves like superstars.

    Nobody blogs because they want to; except for a sacred few of us.

  2. I guess we started out blogging around the same time though you are definitely more popular.
    There were time when I was thinking of quitting but was always drawn back. There are several reasons that I keep blogging – it’s actually like a diary – a record of my everyday life and thoughts. Of course, commercial reasons are a strong motivator as well.

  3. Me neither wannabe nor has-been nor ever-will-be! Just KPC…go here, go there kacau2 and ruffle some hair err…I mean, feathers, or whatever lah! THINK kah? Aiyor! This otak already rusty and u ask me to THINK!!! Come to THINK of it, teachers always scold their students, “THINK!!! U have no brains kah? THINK!!!” Lilian, u teacher in previous life kah (and btw, in dreams with hensem headmaster, tak ambil kira ya! LOL!)?

  4. I won’t say that I am the most righteous of all; neither would I even toy with that idea. Though I won’t deny that I’ve been hypocritical.

    My hits are very low now. I still blog like I do, because I enjoy writing.

    Oh wtf nono I didn’t mean you. I know you do write some paid posts, but the statement is targetted at another segment of the blogosphere, some people that are not very well liked by many, and I believe you too. I won’t say much here, maybe through an email.

  5. i’m not sure what kind of blogger i am but i do know i like to blog for the fun of it. i know i have readers, but no commenters and i dont have follower. either way, i dont mind or care but i just feel good screaming out whatever i want on my blog.

    and of course your blog is like my “the onion”/”huffington post”/”slate” kind of satire which i comfortably read and enjoy, irregardless what kind of post you have since its pretty much entertaining and refreshing.

    happy anniversary =)

  6. i believe one of the secret of keeping the passion going is not to get yourself burn out… not to over-blog. what do i mean?

    it simply means… keep it to 1 post a day, i think that is the optimom. if one keep posting and posting like there is no tomorrow, it will somehow end up in a senseless direction in the end as you no longer know what to blog…

    that’s what i think.

    of cos… doing 1 post a day, sometimes, you can forget what you wanted to blog about… what was it that was in your mind yesterday….

  7. happy bloggiversary! keep going, girl, your voice is much needed.

    i am still in love with blogging and espciallly because of all the good friends i have made through it.

  8. I’m stuck in the category where the blogger is doing the same thing he’s been doing for the past four years and still getting the usual suspects visiting the blog, and yet can’t be arsed to go and try to get more readers because I LIKE having the usual suspects around too much. hehehe

  9. Well, as the age number increases…the more we have to share. Which sometimes make me envious of veteran bloggers. You’ve a lifetime of knowledge to spare and that’s what a lot of people like reading o blogs.

    Unlike me…so poor. šŸ˜›

  10. Duno where I sit … Maybe on the fence.

    I’m kind of busy to update my blog to once a day. šŸ™

    However, am trying to do at least one or two entries a week but somehow, the work commitment is getting to me. I don’t want to blog about work either because that means I’m unloading on some readers.

    Anyway, I’ll still always come back to your site ‘coz it excites me (in the “clean” way) always! šŸ˜€

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