Sick is our nation

There is nothing political about what I am going to say and it does not have anything to do with our legal system. This is just my views as a parent. As parents, we have the responsibilities to guide our children to be truthful, honest, courageous and ready to eat their own shits if they get themselves in deep shits.

But what do we have here? A grown man lying through his teeth. Fark man, first he said he met some folks while on holiday in New Zealand. It is unplanned. New Zealand so big, so easy to bump into someone and then, take photo in so chummy pose? After that, what? Go together on a group tour?

Next, he said he did not talk nor know the phone number of the person who he was accused to talk to. Dey, you are the one who said the name of the person on the other end of the phone!

When pressed for it, he said he is tipsy.

Yeah….right……I wonder how many bad decisions you have made due to your constant state of being tipsy and forgetting names? Did anyone died innocently due to wrong prosecution because of that?

My point is – Here is one grown man, whom we expect to uphold law, giving us the run around with the tales he spins. Of course, he is not the only one who is showing this bad example. There are lots of others. But this is not from politicians whom we are so used to hear lies. This is from the legal profession. Yeah, we know lawyers rhyme with liars. But when put on the spotlight, at least have the guts to own up and not trying to pull wools over everyone’s eyes. Say what needs to be said, face the music and hope some other more dramatic cases come up and move on.

What kind of message are our younger generations receiving? Lies, lies and more lies because the law allows that. Damn, I don’t know about others. But if the top guns cannot be expected to show some good, morally right examples, we must seriously do something. The power is in our hands, in our votes.

From now on, we can expect to see more and more criminals lying and bluffing the way this man does. Welcome to our nation of liars. Now, being a parent is many times harder because how do we teach our children that every single thing they read on the mainstream media is not always the truth?

14 thoughts on “Sick is our nation

  1. ugh! when i read the news..i was like wtf!

    anyway..alcohol makes people talk the TRUTH, alcohol makes people say things that they won’t in real life..which is the TRUTH! so whatever he said..he meant it!

    gawd..msian politikus..all they do is lie and use $$ to get their ass out of shits! man..i hate this cunt tree!!

  2. Don’t I know ‘cos I am a lawyer myself šŸ˜‰

    Anyway, for the full scoop on the Royal Commission, all of you must read the transcripts taken down by the web reporter of the Malaysian Bar. That’s the body of Malaysian (Peninsula only) lawyers … not the watering hole. Full Questions and Answers are recorded there and not some summary given by the government controlled press.

  3. This looks like Terence commenting but its not Terence.

    That Minister should also use the same phrase mah. It looks like me but my KKC …..

    Niamah!!! Malaysia Boleh!!

  4. I decided next time if police caught me for holding mobile phone while driving, I’ll say just now the officer saw wan looks like me but not me. Even it’s me also the thing I hold looks like a mobile phone but actually it’s a tumbler.

  5. Guess I’m clueless as to what goes on there but yes its sad we bring our kids up to uphold the law, have morals and ethics and compassion and they see their friends telling lies and getting away with it. Worse they see politicians getting away with it and glorified as well. BAH!!!! Over here its been worse since Clinton and his ” I did not have sex with her she had it with me ” and No I did not inhale.

  6. you know, i don’t read newspaper, i dont watch news but once in a while i would tune in al-jazeera and thats pretty much about it.

    i don’t know where to find truth anymore =(

  7. Thanks Lilian!!!!:) If it looks like a duck , quacks like a duck , it IS a DUCK!!! hehehehee

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