Just a little bit of lala-ness and A BIG HINT

My pink Vaio is going to be a year old soon. What I beh shiok is how every Bell, Aces, AhBeng lappies are going pink, red, green etc. Sony is the original laptop with colours. The others boh oliginal liao. Must go get one of those new Pengkor thin-thin, feather light lappie.

pink vaio

Nice anot? My pink Vaio got nice-nice lala Ah Lian name.

My principle is – If you want to do something, do it perfectly. Go all the way.

So, if I am going to be Ah Lian, then, I must have Hell-o Pussy Kitty items.

hello kitty

Not just any Hello Kitty but a gold karer Hello Kitty with a pink bow. Fuyoh, cun, right?


And yes, this is a filler post because I am sick of looking at the stupidity of some folks.

6 thoughts on “Just a little bit of lala-ness and A BIG HINT

  1. There’s a lot of the pink stuff here too but for a reason though.. Cancer awareness namely Breast Cancer. Initially a lot of the large companies would pledge part of their profits from pink colored items for Breast Cancer research but now a lot of unscrupulous vendors just make it pink tocon people into thinking their are helping a good cause. I like your pink stuff.:) even though I’m not pink person.

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