Random Sunday musings on Chinese New Year

What I like about Tesco – they let my kid camwhore
What I hate about Tesco – The giant, hypermarket huge car park is packed! No parking, no trolleys.


I have always wanted to see my kids wearing one of these Chinese ahpek baju but I am too cheapskate to buy a suit eventhough it costs only RM19. Anyway, I know my kid will probably complain the Chinese clothing suffocates him due to the high collar and the fake silk materials. So, a couple of days ago, I couldn’t resist anymore. Eyeing if there is any Tesco’s staff or CCTV ahead and seeing that the coast is clear, I asked dear hubby to quickly put on one of those Oriental shirts on him while I snapped away. And we ended up modelling a few suits. LOL. Free of charge!


Meanwhile, have you asked yourself or your mom this? Every Chinese New Year, for as long as I can remember, my mother would buy some canned food stuffs for my neighbours. In return, these neighbours will give her their homemade cakes. However, when everyone gets richer (after their daughters fished for rich sons-in-laws), the tradition carries on. I buy you canned foods, you buy me canned foods. So, I think I was in my teens or late twenties when I asked my mother, “Why do you aunties have to buy all these and give each other? And then, every Chinese New Year, the canned foods come in container loads from China. You know…after we ate, all will turned into shits nia. Ciak ciak liao pun pien sai nia. I wonder if the shits volume increase after all these eating?”

And mom threaten to slap me if I say stupid things like that. Kong siao wua, wa pah ci liap lok khi. LOL. Anyway, have you marvelled at how people buy all those canned foods for Chinese New Year? Aiyor, if you don’t know any better, you will think there is a famine coming or something. But really, Chinese cannot help it. Eating and foods go hand in hand with happiness, wealth, prosperity and goodwill all around.

Again, I still wonder if IndahWater (or whoever handles the sewage system) notices an increase in volume? Serious shit, where did those container loads of foodstuffs went to if not to the sewage?

4 thoughts on “Random Sunday musings on Chinese New Year

  1. Niamah, it’s either they end up inside the sewage or else the shit owners will eventually end up on my shit blog, lol.

  2. I know about the exchanging gifts culture. Learn it from my MIL. My own family never practice that. I find it strange. MIL buys so many can foods and pastes a red piece of paper on top of the can. When the relatives send their gifts over, MIL will return them with her own can foods plus some ‘ang kam’ too.

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