Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

They don’t go to heaven faster than us who do have ads

They don’t get to hell slower than us

Their blogs are not more popular

They are not any richer than us

The only reasons I can think of why bloggers don’t slap some ads are :

1) They are journalists, darn good ones, who already have enough of writing to bother about blogging and their blogs are just part of the shithole

2) They are some rich professionals who use their blogs as shitholes

3) They are some 90s years old sweet, white hair grandmas who do not know how

4) They are foolish or they are leeching on their parents’ money

And usually, it is the last because we only have so many of the category (1) to (3)

This is in response to the morons who bitched about LiewCF behind his back.  Grow up.  You don’t need to place a huge dick on your blog to prove you got big dick.  And laughing at people’s hair is just plain childish.

33 thoughts on “Bloggers who don’t have ads are foolish

  1. Eh? I missed the one about LiewCF being dissed. As for me, all my blogs got ads. The amount of ads differ from one blog to another. In summary, yes, it can be foolish not to have ads but well, there are fools around, aren’t there?

  2. agnes – Here it is : Kepoh nyer…LOL, you need to paste the URL to your browser and add the http

    pablo – Here it is, dropped out of PPS already, due to that stupid Best Jewellry pimping.

    WTJ – Ya, many got that ego like if they dun have ads, they are above others.

    fashionasia – Yalor, people who dunno LiewCF are either noobs or jealous. 😛

  3. Whew! Geramnya, after visiting that post. Maybe shouldn’t visit it after all, unless I want to give him a nasty comment. Gave him one free traffic already. This guy really know nothing at all. LiewCF is such a nice guy and he attacked him personally like that, very childish…

  4. He did not realise that by making fun of someone else, he is the one who is being made fun by others. More like by pointing one finger at another, 10 fingers are pointed by at you.

    He says that people should not be blogging for money if they are just blogging for fun. I think he missed the picture big time because he did not realise that Liew is indeed blogging for money and as his source of income. Duh!

  5. Ayo..i just read the stupid don’t know who blog..
    What make he think he is sooo good??
    DUHHHH…i think he is ‘jeles’ to people who is making
    money by blogging! if i can describe him in my language..
    I will call him ‘palui = no brain one’

  6. Only morons/rich ass/spoiled idiots/noobs will say no advertisements on the blogs. Space to host and bandwidth do cost money unless you use’s service which is limited bandwidth/visitors per day up to a certain degree/threshold.

    We know those who place this statement’s “BLOG” are very famous. That’s why free service is enough to cover your shit holes. (Too less visitors)

  7. Dear Lilian,

    I’m your regular reader, and i like your blog !

    yesterday 27/1/08 some nasty shit happened in USM, a couple of Chinese girls has been raped by Malay or Indonesian guy in their hostel in USM, this has create a big havoc, and most of the girl have left the hostel and choose to stay somewhere else, esp the Chinese, every year this shit surely happen, and we will not find any local newspaper covering this barbaric act !

    my sister is staying in USM’s campus, this is indeed horrible !

    what kind of society are we living in ?

    hope u can spread some awareness on this issue, else just treat it as a comment from your regular reader !

    good day !


  8. What did I miss??????? Where??? How???? What?????

    Anyway I am in category #2. My blog is a true shit hole. Bwahahaha!!!

    Want me to go flame ar???

  9. i currently have ads, but i am contemplating taking them out.

    i pay for the hosting myself, so what am I since obviously, i am not leeching off money from my parents to pay for my domain and hosting.

  10. No one’s making fun of anyone. He didn’t point fingers or named names, all he has is a picture of someone who claims to be a pro-blogger.

    “Okay, to all those bloggers who can make a living out of blogging, I respect you guys– you’ve done the seemingly impossible.”

    Did nobody read that line? You people only see what you want to see, like seriously.

  11. The only blogs that I don’t have ads on them is my free ones at Of course that’s because don’t allow ads there. Otherwise 100% of my blogs have ads.

  12. i agree!!

    haha ok la to certain extent. i salute those who are so rich and do not need ads.

    i on the other hand have gotten myself to depend on my blogs income. can die. i dun live under mummy’s roof and spend mummy’s or bf money.

    i just betahan those people who think they’re a SAINT because they don’t do ads on their blogs, then condemn us who do. like hello!! ads or no ads, we’re still humans! just because they don’t need extra money, doens’t mean that they’re a saint!!

    and i think i’ve missed out on LiewCF’s news, not that i want to get involved. it’s just plain CHILDISH to insult or talk about somebody behind their back, especially on things like hair!

    i sappot u 5xmom!!!

  13. it is quite offending of u to assume all this for bloggers who dun put ads on their blog…

  14. famezgay – Do I look like I care if you are offended? You are balless, nameless, URL-ess and therefore, you got no right to say anything. Pordah.

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