Alrighty, my previous post is more to test if people are still alive. I intentionally ruffle feathers to see if people are actually reading. And yes, they do, looking at the number of comments there.

Actually, I am quite disappointed that bloggers tend to ‘tidak apa’ unless the thing personally affects them. But the problem is… it is always too late to do something if we don’t take an active role in the beginning to prevent something. Conversion issuses? I bet people will say, “none of my problems”. Bad governance? I bet almost all the young people are going to say, “none of my business”.

But it is our problems and our business. This is especially so if you have a blog and you can influence or inform others about the situation. However, I know almost every blogger will not want to take that little trouble, to just write one small post to make the difference. Many are afraid to give their views because they know whatever they say, people from either sides are not going to like it and say something.

Like when I emailed a few bloggers to help bring awareness on the plight face by the late Gan Eng Gor’s family, there are bloggers who even have the cheek to give me all sort of excuses. These are the people who go around flaming people’s sentiments and when asked them to do something, they don’t do anything on their blog. It pissed me off big time. Zewt, you are one of them. What’s the point of you forwarding all those political sensitives issues to me when you cannot even post the plea from the Gan’s family? It is just a copy and paste. For God’s sake, the family asked for our help, open that mouth and say something. Instead, you told the Gan family they asking the wrong question!

Now, today, Jolene’s MSN me to help her to urge bloggers to ask their readers and visitors if any of them have been victims of bus accidents. You can read about the death of Nian Ning on Jolene’s post. She died in the bus accident. I am angry with Ministry of Transport. Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy, I heard so much bullshit about improving the system . And yet, another murderous bus driver with 13 summonses for driving offences are allowed to cause more tragedies. It is disgusting how the JPJ and the Ministry of Transport cannot even set some rules for bus companies to toe the line. What the hell are our Government doing there? Is it so hard to just make sure that these bus companies employ better drivers? The negligence of our Government has caused the death of these young people and all those victims of the previous bus accidents.

Now, the family of the Nian Ning is contemplating suing the bus company and I would say, sue the Ministry of Transport too for failing to ensure public safety by giving licences to operate bus companies.

Therefore, bloggers, please lah, do something about this. I don’t know what you can do but don’t just keep quiet all the time when you feel the issue doesn’t involve you. Don’t let Nian Ning dies in vain. (Nian Ning’s on Facebook) Let it propel her family, friends and those who know her to be the agent of change. We have all been too lackadaisical to issues happening around us. If we have a blog, make use of it to spread some awareness.

So, please share Nian Niang’s parents’ plea to call for more survivors or family of victims of bus accidents to come together to tell the bus companies we have enough. The greedy bus companies, the failure of the JPJ to ensure licences are given only to qualified companies and Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy who gave us empty promises must all be held accountable for the deaths of so many innocent people. Please find the contact number from Jolene’s blog. She has the telephone number and email contact.