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I notice the some Mudah ads on fellow bloggers’ sites and wonder why my site always missed interesting ads like those? Maybe it is because advertisers are looking for the younger age group and decide to give my blog a miss?
Not happy, I decide to spy what are those ads people are getting which I don’t have.

Is Mudah some hip and happening club? Is Mudah some fashion outlet for the young? Or what it is? Well, when I click over from Kelvin’s blog, I came to this plain and simple page like a notebook with maps of Malaysia. It turns out to be some marketplace of Malaysia, sort of like eBay.

I must confess that I have never hang around eBay or trading sites and seriously do not know how they works. Although my son has an account and is familiar with these online marketplace, no amount of coaxing can get me into those places because :

1) I will be tempted to buy everything;

2) I will be conned because I am too straightforward


3) I will con people *roll eyes*

After all, I have heard so much tales on the international front to scare me enough to stay away.

But is just a little marketplace, confined to our country and you can get things filtered down to our respective states. Now, that got me curious. So curious to find out if anyone is selling their wives online.
Serious! They do that on eBay, don’t they?

But eheh, none of those scary stuffs. Two things interest me:

1) Ayam kampung organik or organic village chicken at RM18 per chick
2) Kampung land selling for RM188,888.

Crazy right? People go to marketplace like these to look for cars, antiques, collectibles, club memberships, houses and etc and I got interested in ayam kampung! This is the description I found :

2. Ayam diberi makanan seperti :
a. habbatus sauda,
b. halia,
c. pandan,
d. kunyit,
e. air bersih bawah tanah tanpa klorin.

Cepat Rasailah Ayam Organik Yang CONFIRM Enak Lagi HALAL

Anyone interested to cook nasi ayam, cepat-cepat layari Now, I wonder if they are going to deliver the live ayam to me by Pos Malaysia? Is this how eBay or online market works? I confirm my order, pay and then, have the things delivered to our door-step? Wuah…imagine the posmen brings two live chicken, held by their legs, one on each hand…..quaakk….quaaakkk…..quaaakk

I try to find out if one needs to pay a fee to place their ads there but can’t seem to find it. Is this listing for free? Anyone knows? I have never been to sites like these and still do not know how it works. How does Mudah earns? From commission? Ads fee or they just play the middleman in exchange for traffic?

Talking about ayam….and I mean the other type ok? I also wonder what are allowed to be traded there. Can one use it to offer services? Are there guidelines? This is a list of things that are not allowed to be traded :
• Drugs
• Weapons
• Prescription medication
• Controlled chemical substances (e.g. mercury)
• Human parts
• Pornography
• Fireworks and explosives

And no, you cannot sell endangered species of animals too. And I bet no soliciting for all sorts of hanky-panky services as well. Please lah, we are Malaysians, so we abide by our Malaysian’s acceptable rules. Tak kan Mudah allows used and unwashed panties for sales, kut? Nay, like in Singapore?

Still, it will be interesting to keep an eye on how Mudah progress. Is it going to be another one of those car markets that never seems update their profile? I hate those because when I wanted to buy a car, I have to waste don’t know how many phone calls, only to find out that those cars have been sold months ago. I hope Mudah maintains their site well so that in future, we have a place to get rid of some of our good but used stuffs.

Anyone expert in selling or buying on marketplace like Mudah? Is the transaction safe?

12 thoughts on “Malaysia : For Sale

  1. Mudah is a great market place. I was there recently looking for some stuff which not available on ebay. They’re great place to be I recommend them alot. 🙂

  2. Money Man – Really? Wuah, I must start buy and selling too.

    sue me – Lucky you, I not get ads. 🙁

    agnes – Buy up the sandwich shop lah. Hahaha.

    raising mercury – I have never been to Lelong too.

  3. Mudah though sound like a locally-made website, but it’s actually owned by Singaporean and Swedish company….

  4. i been there, selling there and gain a lot of profit for my bussiness in I’m a very lucky seller to have

  5. Why did my ad have not diplay on yet . I been waiting to see as what i send today. It was about my insect candle / lilin anti lalat.tq. Could explain to me.tq

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