Someone gave me the below MSN. If you know the story, good. This is the episode kelapan puluh lapan, season two. If you don’t, let me give you a little gist of it. I gave a domain and hosting to a boy but ambition got too much for him as he wants to be the next Malaysia Top Blogger. I told him to back down and be more humble but he allowed his own people to give death threats to me on his blog and also people mailing me with all sorts of stuffs. So, that was almost a year already and I just got news that this little boy is still going around spreading rumours about it. I knew it already because all those little kids who bumped into me on the streets look so fearful like I am going to eat them up.

Like I care. There are smart bloggers who know the truth from the rumours. There are bloggers who have maintain nice blogs and make decent income from blogging like Hobart, Nicholas, Charles and many others. And there are those who just listen to rumours. And blogs which are getting shittier by the day.


(10:14:37) YL: U know about the other side of the story?

(10:14:43) ‘(00) IG: the other side ?

(10:14:43) ‘(00) IG: no

(10:14:44) ‘(00) IG: tell me

(10:15:07) YL: the story tht he told hundres of ppl in shoutout and they all hate 5xmom

(10:15:20) ‘(00) IG: u tell me la

(10:15:34) ‘(00) IG: btw

(10:15:38) YL: he said tht, there’s a commentor come to ced’s blog and talk bad abt 5xmom

(10:15:58) YL: then he says 5xmom got angry and sold his blog to a gay guy

(10:16:05) ‘(00) IG: lol!

(10:16:14) ‘(00) IG: his blog is still with him

(10:16:20) YL: tht’s y alot of ppl hate 5xmom

(10:16:31) ‘(00) IG: so maybe 5xmom sold the blog to the gay cedric 😛

(10:16:40) YL: there was once, I said in my blog, Chanlilian is my idol.

(10:16:47) ‘(00) IG: or he trying to uphold his secret personality la

(10:17:09) YL: then, I kena hentam by so many blogger, they say 5x,mom is a bitch

(10:17:32) ‘(00) IG: 5xmom sumtimes likes to show off .. buteveryone also show off once a while

(10:17:46) YL: I love the way 5xmom show off

(10:17:49) ‘(00) IG: even i also like to show off my bf .. asin .. bring him out to my colleage .. show them i got cute bf

(10:18:06) ‘(00) IG: hey

(10:18:19) ‘(00) IG: can i copy and paste the part u tell me about cedric say in shoutout to lilian ?

(10:18:24) YL: but they scold me and hated 5xmom because of cedric..
(10:18:51) YL: no prob.

(10:18:54) ‘(00) IG: Okay

(10:18:56) YL: do u think it’s ok?

(10:19:00) ‘(00) IG: yah why not ?

(10:19:09) ‘(00) IG: u see

(10:19:10) YL: cz I scared after I create another prob

(10:19:26) ‘(00) IG: lilian treats cedric like her son, she bought the domain and hosting and give him

(10:19:34) ‘(00) IG: what he do ? he make death threats to 5xmom. we saw it wut, on his own blog summore!

(10:19:49) ‘(00) IG: this kinda person .. burn in hell also waste space