The nice and the naughty


Yvonne asked me to help promote the auction she is doing. YuinYin who was also a cancer patient bought some clothes from Russia and gave to Yvonne and she is auctioning it to get money for Yvonne’s future cancer treatment. In case you have not heard of YuinYin, she was this girl aspiring to be a paediatrician (I got soft spots for paed but more so if they are handsome, tall and dark 😛 ) and she underwent cancer treatment not long ago. I was quietly lurking around her blog and asked Yvonne to give her a pair of earrings Yvonne was selling to YY. Two sweet, young girls struck with cancer, one completed her treatment and one still have cancer growing in her. But when you see their courage and love of life, you are truly inspired. Bid for those clothes if you can fit in. LOL. Not me…

Pelf’s Holly One Dollar. Meanwhile, Pelf wrote to me about the campaign to raise funds for another cancer patient. Please read Pelf’s post.

I have met both Pelf and Yvonne before so I know these are young women who have a heart for others.

About Nian Ning – I feel for Nian Ning’s family because she is never coming back for Chinese New Year. I read through her blog and was moved to tears. Last year, Nian Ning’s wrote about missing her family during Chinese New Year 2007 and was looking forward to be with them this year. She posted a photo of her happy family in Chinese New Year 2006. There will be no more Chinese New Year celebration for her parents, ever. Things will never be the same again. All those bereaved parents who lost their children, especially teens and adult children will know their pain. I pray for strength. Do something, help Jolene to spread Nian Ning’s family wish to gather more people to sue the bus company. They have set up a group blog here.



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  1. Thank you very much, Lilian, for always supporting the causes that Yvonne and I undertake. We appreciate it very much 😀

  2. Suing the bus company will not work, in my humble opinion. The said bus would have been insured and any compensation would be handled by the insurers.

    The right action to take is to demand that the authorities take immediate steps to punish the bus company under prevailing laws and that the director (or is it DG) of JPJ step down for failing to ensure that the prevailing laws are enforced. This country has the laws to ensure that vehicles are safe to be used on the road and that drivers must be competent. The problem lies in the lackadaisal attitude of the authorities to enforce the laws compounded with the cancer of bribery and corruption. Frankly, I don’t see the present government having the political will to make real changes. It is time for a change. People of Penang should show BN a thing or two.

  3. pablo – Thanks for the wise words. I hope the group of young men and young women who are championing for this issue will note this. I will tell Jolene about it. It is time the younger generation takes their voting right seriously. I shall blog about this another day.

    pelf – This is the least I can do. 🙂

    steven – Chey, not like I am anybody lah. Paiseh, paiseh.

  4. yvonne is my college mate.seriously i really salute her for being a tough person.everyday she goes to college with her laptop and so determine to thru the classes without complaining though i knew she has difficulties catching up. I really salute her.
    My deepest condolences to Nian Ning’s family. My friends know her personally but not myself. I take the bus home once in awhile and the thoughts of not seeing your family again is so unbearable. Though there are ups and downs in family, sometimes those things wont matter just wana be with them together.
    Im hoping Jolene’s petition will raise awareness among public and the government will actually bother to improve everything that they promised.i hate it when they talk cock and nothing has been realised yet.

  5. Yes, I agree with pablopabla.

    Let me share a past with you. Twenty plus years ago, my only wage earning sibling was killed in a similar bus accident. Her head was sheared by the impact when the bus rolled down the slope. When we took the bus company to court, we were told by the judge that in Malaysia a dead person is not worth much and if you paid for a poisoned curry mee, died from eating it…the law was such that you have paid for your own poison and it was an accident. You would only be compensated if it was outlined in the insurance policy. Her life was worth only RM5.00. The driver or mee seller would only be fined in accordance to the existing by-law. I have lost faith in the court since that case. It was the damn antique law book that has not been changed since the East India Company days where the laws were written to protect the colonial power and her protectors.

    Anyway, things may be different now and if not, make this case a precedent. Yes, sue the bus company using a panel of prominent lawyers for maximum publicity. CKC (minister of transport) should be held equally responsible if he refuses to help with a fair and quick investigation and proceeding. Just vote him out.

  6. whispering – Owh…so sorry to hear about that. What tragedy. I have informed Jolene about your information.

    sue me – Yeah, I met Yvonne twice already and she is really one tough nut. I really salute her for keeping to push on. If I am in her place, I doubt I have the strength.

  7. Whispering : I beg to differ as I think the family would be spending good money after bad engaging prominent lawyers just to sue the bus company for compensation – unless the lawyers are prepared to take up the case for free. As mentioned in my blog, the parents of Lee Nian Ning would not get much from suing the bus company as the available compensation under the law is limited and in any event, the insurer of the bus will be picking up the tab. Rather, the public should exert pressure on the authorities so that this country of us is run by people who are accountable and have the decent honour to step down when they have failed their duties. I know my views sound political but that is the reality we are facing in this country of ours. The public has been taken for a ride again and again and nobody up there is honest or man enough to accept that they have fallen short of people’s expectations. Young people in this country and those who are not so young should open their eyes and see what is happening to our country.

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