Yvonne asked me to help promote the auction she is doing. YuinYin who was also a cancer patient bought some clothes from Russia and gave to Yvonne and she is auctioning it to get money for Yvonne’s future cancer treatment. In case you have not heard of YuinYin, she was this girl aspiring to be a paediatrician (I got soft spots for paed but more so if they are handsome, tall and dark 😛 ) and she underwent cancer treatment not long ago. I was quietly lurking around her blog and asked Yvonne to give her a pair of earrings Yvonne was selling to YY. Two sweet, young girls struck with cancer, one completed her treatment and one still have cancer growing in her. But when you see their courage and love of life, you are truly inspired. Bid for those clothes if you can fit in. LOL. Not me…

Pelf’s Holly One Dollar. Meanwhile, Pelf wrote to me about the campaign to raise funds for another cancer patient. Please read Pelf’s post.

I have met both Pelf and Yvonne before so I know these are young women who have a heart for others.

About Nian Ning – I feel for Nian Ning’s family because she is never coming back for Chinese New Year. I read through her blog and was moved to tears. Last year, Nian Ning’s wrote about missing her family during Chinese New Year 2007 and was looking forward to be with them this year. She posted a photo of her happy family in Chinese New Year 2006. There will be no more Chinese New Year celebration for her parents, ever. Things will never be the same again. All those bereaved parents who lost their children, especially teens and adult children will know their pain. I pray for strength. Do something, help Jolene to spread Nian Ning’s family wish to gather more people to sue the bus company. They have set up a group blog here.