Chinese New Year 2008 is a week’s away and oh how I hate hampers


I should be panicking now. But eheh, I am not going to.

I smelt the burning of joss papers from my neighbours’ apartment units and remember that today is the day they send all the gods back to heaven for holidays. The kitchen gods have gone up to tell on the households so I hope those who worship him have glued his mouth with nien gao?

I am going to put up the red cloth soon but that’s about all there is to it. This year will be a low key affair because my atm works on the eve of Chinese New Year and going to work even on Saturdays. He is in a new job so boh pien have to follow law. He needs to jaga the Myanmarese, Vietnames, Nepalese, China Dolls who are working through the New Year.

This year is also a year where I don’t need to receive those hampers. Blek, I hate those where they pile up the hamper like Komtar so tall and peeling off those sticky scotch tape is a bitch. Since atm is in a new company, no ball carriers need to carry his balls so no one need to send those carts of oranges and hampers over. Nice. Means I don’t need to find people to pass on those stuffs in the hampers. The worst one is those from Noel Gifts. Labish inside, I tell you.

Just last week, I threw away a few packets of Eu Yang Sang Horse Spirit soup (wateva it is) because I thought I may brew the soup one day but it expired July 2007! So, kena perli by atm, “Nay, tell you to give to other people early early, you say you want to cook it yourself. Now, you cooking it in the slow cooker in the rubbish bin issit? New way of boiling soup?” KNN. I see Horse Spirit worrr (long mah cheng sun)…make a stud out of him mah…Tiu. End up kena perli pulak.

If you do not know what to cook for Chinese New Year, (yeah, shameless plugging), please visit my two food blogs Best Recipe and Food Haven where I have listed some suggested menus for Chinese New Year. Woo hoo…I’m lovin it cos the whole nation and maybe the world are getting their recipes from my food blogs. Imagine….thousands of household eating the foods I suggested. I got 40,000 page views from MalaysiaBest in January. 40K! No shit, that’s a lot of people and a lot of traffic.

Oh the photo. I bake a cake today.

2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year 2008 is a week’s away and oh how I hate hampers

  1. Last year i won a hamper from lucky draw in office..
    Only keep the VSOP. The so called ‘bert nest’ also expired already! suma masuk tong sampah..

  2. we(humans) will always keep things that we ‘think’ we might ‘need’ it someday. But in the end, you know lah~~

    It also happened to me when I clean my house a few days ago and found a few old college materials(highly classified) which I thought might come in handy in my future work. But in the end, I never use it and I decided to donate them. *sad*

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