I have struggled long and hard over this matter and I think once and for all, I am going to denounce…meat. For 40 days.

No meat from Chinese New Year onwards….Only fakey food like the below pandan chicken.

vegetarian pandan chicken
(fake aka vegetarian pandan chicken)

I feel damn hypocrite. But I must try. I think I can, if I start eating more now. LOL.

joo hoo char
(in case you miss out my step-by-step of making jiu hoo char, go to my recipe here)

For days and weeks, I have been asking myself if I have the discipline to avoid eating meat starting from Chinese New Year.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. To do that, I have been cooking Chinese New Year dishes to eat first before New Year. Today, I am making too tor th’ng.

Pig's maw (stomach) soup with gingko
(old photo of too tor with gingko)

Arrggh..now that I openly declare it, there is no return. No meat, no sharksfin, no prawns, no sea cucumber, no fish maw, no kiam chye ark, no steamboat except eggs and vege…ptui!…..I want to cry already.

But I think I can. 40 days, starting Chinese New Year’s day. Until Good Friday. Thank God, our Pope exempted us (Catholics in Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia) from fasting on Ash Wednesday which is Chinese New Year’s eve and allow us to move it to the following week. Thank you, Pope!

Hunting for pigs to kill and roast….