13 thoughts on “How to get lotsa, lotsa, lotsa comments in your blog?

  1. This is about self earn comment, not sendiri use other people’s/anonymous name to spice up the comment box right?

    If it’s sendiri comment sendiri mia blog using ppl’s name..That person really have problem with their psychology..

  2. Another comment earned here …

    I think this is the first CNY theme I’ve seen, wah everything so red


  3. That is what our ministers like to do…
    Komen komen komen dari gavormen.

    If comments can turn into some positive and worthy action that will be more exciting.:-)

  4. Agnes – hahaha commentor #1 got it right. Me shopping now so when i go back i mail you example how ppl comment in their own blog to puji diri.

  5. susukacang – Actually, this one private joke lah. Got people go comment in his own blog, puji sendiri. Then, use another name, perli self a bit so that others come sayang-sayang him. Then, self comment and puji diri sendiri say ‘You are hot, he is not’ and then, login with another name and post again and again. Puke, I tell you. Wahahaha, I no braff wan.

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