Recession or what jek?

I went to Parkson Members Day sale and for the first time ever, I see the SKII promoters standing there beat mosquitoes or ta wu yeng (beat flies).

Normally, all the aunties will be fighting like SKII is giving away freebies and the queue will be darn long. But the whole place is empty.

Few nights ago, we stopped by our regular shop in Gurney Plaza and the lengjai told us this year is very bad. No crowds and whatever few people there are, all have no buying power.

So, I also follow and cut costs. Instead of SKII, now, I patronise Clinique. For half the price, I get twice the stuffs. Must cut cost also because now my blog income is only 1/3 of what I used to earn. Barely can touch RM6K liao. Sad….no more lansi 12kmom.

In general, the only buzz around is the hypermarket and supermarket where people buy the cheap-cheap longan, lychee, mushroom and canned foods. Other places? All quiet-quiet. It is like recession time back in the early 90s. I tell you, that year many people never buy new clothes, only new underwears.

And to all those who are going on long holidays and driving home/riding buses etc, Gong Xi Fa Cai in advance. And berhati-hati di jalanraya. Please go and sign the petition for better safety on the road. Buscrashnomore has set up a petitiononline and I hope you peeps will support it.

12 thoughts on “Recession or what jek?

  1. saving is good especially economy is like soooo bad and the prices of goods are increasing but never the salaries.I wonder why..
    Lilian..gong xi fa chai and Im going home soooooooo happy!!!

  2. agnes – Mm hai mah…election jek. No big deal la. Maybe times are really bad?

    sue me – Gong Xi Fa Cai to you! Enjoy your holidays, so lucky you.

  3. well, perhaps people are now having bad time?
    U noe la, hampalang price increase, but salary/ income tarak increase. Now the Ulat King also got affected, hv to work 2 jobs to save money for CNY…
    oh ya, Happy CNY to u

    **PS: Ang Pau? XD

  4. Wahh… that bad, huh? I’m not home for CNY this year, so am not really aware of ‘home development’… feel so sad la… looks like it’s not a good idea to live and work in Msia nowadays..
    Oh, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you! Well, at least got good reason to give smaller angpows!!! Recession mah… hehehehe…

  5. it’s the same here. everything is costing more. and more shops are closing. but the rich are still getting richer. losses in stock market is nothing to them. they just mouth their losses to join in the crowd.

  6. Use SKII kah? Clinique kah? Poliklinik kah? Face like dat, already like dat lah! Not going to change. Take the ringgit notes, stick on face better! (Runs before Lilian baling batu!!) Ha ha ha ha!!! …Want to buy underwear, no problem! Supersave or 100% Discount Store – Made in China! RM3 for five! See loose string…don’t pull!!! Nanti whole thing comes off! And to all those travelling during the festive season, do have a safe and pleasant journey to wherever you’re going! God bless one and all.

  7. Last nite i went to 1-U and its gilak i tell many people shopping.. susah mau carik parking somemore..people in klang still manyak money! so they still can syok2 shopping..

    Anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai to u and your family!!

  8. kadusmama – People shop for canned foods only, cheap cheap. LOL.

    STP – Heh, I spare you your life ‘cos I hope to get your angpows first. The same kind you give beng hui.

    mistipurple – I long long no dabble in shares, never get burnt anymore. Kena once, forever stopped.

    michael yip – Wuah, not yet CNY so fast ask?

    corren – No angpow. Give Mr. Potato. There is this cute advert on radio because Mr. Potato (packets of potato chips costing RM1.30) has an angpow inside with chances to win big money.

    ulat – Blogging for money lah.

  9. My wife also use Sk11, face very smooth, promise! Hey Clinique got pay you huh?

    Open own business lah, got free hampers and mandarins. Dont need to buy ha ha ha

  10. When times are “GOOD” shops big and small business “increase” price and do as they (Business people) like.
    Now that times are “Bad” with few customers around and not buying.I say THREE CHEERS to that.

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