Festivals are only meaningful if we have something to do to welcome it. All these culture and traditions that are unique must be preserved and practised because one day, when I am long gone, I hope my kids have something to tell their children. I suppose these are all the tiny jigsaw pieces that make our lives special.

I made almond cookies today and my little boy has so much fun playing with the flour and butter. It got all over his body but the experience is priceless. Imagine playing with cold butter, sugar and flour with bare hands.

After that, he helped to make the indents on the cookie.

(it is a silent video because I switched off the mic and only realised later that my iMac iMovie cannot process .3gp video. Doh! I thought of inserting CNY music in the background)


You can get the recipe for almond cookies from my food blog.

I got only two jars of cookie but the fun my little boy had is priceless.