Elo!! If Malaysia exports monkeys, we will have no more elections, Datuk!


I have been staring at this piece on MSN news for a few days already. It is one of those news that got us Malaysians on international headlines. You know…the kind that works against us?

So, if Malaysia is successful in exporting all the monkeys out of the country, then, there will be no more election, Datuk.

Proboscis monkey with erection!
(hehe, noted anything? This is the proboscis monkey which is an endangered species)

But wait a minute, before the politicians start jumping and accuse me, the poor, nobody blogger of implying anything…..

(following two paras just to cover my ass lah)

I am not saying that politicians are the monkeys, ok? Remember Khairi Jamaluddin once accused us bloggers as monkeys in a jungle? Aisay….forgotten? What about Zam calling us Malaysian bloggers, goblok which is the mother of all idiots?

(this is the type of monkeys the monkeys intended to export)

So, if Malaysia export us out, then, there will be less voters for Malaysia general election….Oh wait a minute, bloggers probably will be voting for the oppositions.


Seriously…are these monkeys really infected with AIDS and TB? You mean the Environmental Minister knows how bad these monkeys are and yet, they do nothing about it? All these wretched animals are very fierce and they attack people. I had been robbed by a monkey before.

By the way, did you know that our very smart and honorable *stifles laughters*, ex-MPPP council chief, Dr. Teng Hock Nan once suggested that to get rid of these pesky monkeys at the Penang Botanical Gardens, they can plant fruit trees at the fringe of the jungle so that these monkeys will go there for their buffet? In his exact own words! BUFFET! At that time, the solution suggested by the animal experts was to reduce the food supply so that these monkeys will not propagate so much. But our smart loktor got a better idea. Give these monkey buffet and welcome them, Malaysia truly Asia.

Now, you know why we have so many monkeys? Because they feel at home. Got companies mah….

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8 thoughts on “Elo!! If Malaysia exports monkeys, we will have no more elections, Datuk!

  1. Agnes – Yalor…get rid of bloggers all together

    gone – Shhhh….

    zewt – Yeah, and they do nothing about it

    charles – Monkey faces memang likedat wan. I zoom in from far, not I torture them ok? LOL

    tom – Glad you catch the joke

  2. I know la, not u torture them, but theri expression really looks so so kesian..like someone gonna chase them out of somewhere..

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