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I caught the news that blogger, Jeff Ooi may be contesting for the Bukit Bendera, Penang seat in the Malaysia Election 2008. I live in the neighbourhood but too bad I don’t cast my vote here but in Sungai Nibong. But from a blogger to another, Jeff has my support.

Today, I got one of those spams. You know….supermarket flyers, tuition centres flyers, meals catering, kindies…cheap sales… plumbers fliers and etc stuffed into my mail box. One of them is the @BukitBendera.com newsletter. Sdr Chia Kwang Chye who is the Gerakan ADUN or KADUN (beh, I never care anyway) normally sent us the newsletter to tell us what are the exciting developments going on. Rite……


And as you know, I am a webmaster since 2003, having built websites with Yahoo Geocities, Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe Dreamweaver and even coding using basic html and now, owner of almost 50 sites. Blek, I just wanna boast, cannot ah?

So, I surfed over to BukitBendera.com.my and OMG!!! See the BukitBendera.com.my about page!


Seriously lah….how hard is it to maintain a site? I do it for myself and my church. I have no IT background, no go skool and even I can make sure that a site is not left in this way. Kena hack jor lor. Pai seh lor.

Sdr. Chia, please lah, don’t label your team with Cyber everything if your webmaster cannot even get the URL working well. And mai cheow si lang (don’t make us laff to death) with this kind of page. Want us to join your cyber team? Cannot even get a form to work! And your Ingrish…adoi, sia suey leh.

My point is – Politicians have to take note. The last Malaysia General Elections and this one is a lot different now. You can trudge through wet markets and hawker centres to garner votes and impress them. But you cannot impress the upper income, urban voters like us in Penang who expect more.

P/S : Gimme 5 is MY trademark, wei.

So, are you ready for the 12th Malaysia General Election yet?

12 thoughts on “BukitBendera.com.my website and Gerakan Chia Kwang Chye newsletter

  1. LOL, siu9sei lohh. Sommore wanna cyber-fy their team.

    Yes, Our Projek2 going well hoh. 50 sites…. sup sup sui larrr. More to come, ya. Gimme 5!!!

  2. samm – Yalor, wanna braff auntie meh? I cincai-cincai close eye oso can open 10 sites in one day …They wanna handle one oso so susah. Somemore, print so big @ like we never see the @ before. Ptui!

  3. Now I wonder how much they spent for the website development and maintenance. Must be dunno how many thousands of tax payers’ money!

  4. bryan – Sai mat kong….Tell him host with you and let me maintain hor? No need to charge a lot lah. You 30K, I 10 K per annum oso enuff liao. LOL

  5. Blatant money politics. Btu I am sure Penangites are wiser this time around – take money but vote opposition šŸ˜‰ Teach them a lesson. LOL!

  6. agnes – I really beh tahan when people try to use the cyber cyber words to impress. Doh, like cyber is very pahpai likedat.

    pablopabla – Yalor, what else. This is an interesting seat because the majority is Chinese and one of the most densely populated section of the island.

    anthraxxxx – Memang pun….tok kok IT, ptui.

  7. Seriously hor, Penangites should just vote for the Opposition this time and see if they can bring about a change for the next 5 years or so. Belum cuba, belum tau. Jangan takut cuba. Heh! heh!

  8. A little birdie told me that Jeff will be contesting for the Jelutong parliamentary seat… šŸ™‚ If the grape vine is accurate, running in Jelutong will be more viable because Gerakan won that seat by only a small margin the last elections. Also, talk is that our dearest CM will run for the Bukit Bendera seat and Chia Kwang Chye will step up in his place. Don’t know how accurate the news is – we’ll find out Sunday!

    P/S: You rock, auntie! My mom is an IT lady as well. Makes me proud to be a Penang char bor!

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