Islamisation of Malaysia – report

We Malaysians memang mudah lupa. So, let me recap a bit.

In September 2007

Ahmad Fairuz, the chief justice, told an Islamic conference in Kuala Lumpur that 50 years of independence had failed to free Malaysia from the “clutches of colonialism”. Sharia law should be “infused” into the gaps created by abolishing common law, he said.

(My post on Islamisation)

That led a lot of people to be concerned. Then, I attended one forum on Islamisation of Malaysia held in my church, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.

I came back and blogged about the forum. I openly write all these because the forum is meant to educate and inform us. We, the Catholics Christians are made aware of the laws and constitution.

Then, the case of Gan Eng Gor‘s arise which led me to post two posts to help Gan Eng Gor‘s family. Unfortunately, both times when they presented their case in the civil court (or is it high court), their cases were thrown out. What frustrates me is not the religion fights or the fight over the corpse. What makes me angry is how all our politicians, from Gerakan and MCA did not say something. Well, I don’t read it in the mainstream media of any MCA or Gerakan doing something for the Gan’s family eventhough the conversion papers are messed up. Yet, yesterday, The Star boasted how our Education Minister worked closely with Chinese schools to improve yadda yadda yadda…..

Anyway…’s an excerpt of the report of the Islamisation forum taken from The Herald which is a weekly newsletter for the Catholics. Lucille is my church parishioner who is also the lectors ministry leader.

a ploy to outwit PAS in the latter’s bid for an Islamic State, because then the government can simply say, hey, but, we’re already an Islamic State! “In their short-term quest for political mileage, the current leaders have lost all sense of moral direction to tell the truth,” said the aggrieved Dr Azmi.

The current call for Syariah law to replace Common Law is equally flawed. Among reasons offered, Dr Azmi countered it best by reasoning how wrong it is to force a source of law that is of divine origin, on people who do not believe in that divine source. It is plain that a country that has been founded as a democracy cannot be allowed to slip into a theocracy. “The Constitution is a secular document and it is the supreme law of the land — not the Bible, not the Qur’an, not the Torah, not the Vedas!” Dr Azmi declared.

Furthermore, he cautioned that a Constitution of divine origins cannot easily be debated, amended, changed or set aside, unlike a secular democracy which allows people to have a say in the manner they are governed, including the laws that govern them.

Regarding the “Allah” controversy, he is appalled at the government’s desperate attempt to mollycoddle the Muslim mind, and control “Islamic thought.”

— By Lucille Dass

(full story from Lucia’s blog)


And that’s right, that’s me (in yellow blouse) sitting behind Dr. Azmi Sharom. Aiks! At the forum, I posed one question to Dr. Azmi and Father FA. (the Indian man sitting next to Dr. Azmi and the Bishop is the man immediately after the empty seat). I asked Dr. Azmi is he ever have problems dealing with being a Muslim and yet, have to speak up against things that bothers him. I also told Father FA that as a Catholic, I sometimes have problems with ‘being a good Catholic and a real rakyat’. To me, good Christian just shut up and make peace. A real rakyat who is aware of the current situation has to speak up. Sometimes, I find it hard to be both. Father FA gave one very good answer. Don’t be a hypocrite. And that’s my ticket to rant whatever I feel when things bothers me.

BTW, psst…have you watched the tattoo video? To me it is one of those American funniest home video. Period. Yet…unless we are aware of the laws that are meant to protect and defend us, we are going to be one lost ‘dan lain-lain kaum.’

10 thoughts on “Islamisation of Malaysia – report

  1. hey lilian, i didn’t notice you were in the picture until now when you pointed it out. i was sitting way back.

    yes your Q is good… so were the others too. i had wanted to ask a Q too but you know me lah, the very shy person, so i keep quiet.

    it was a very good forum. i hope CHS PHDC would organise more forums of such. our parish PHDC members are more conservative (including the parish priest) types so they are more wary of organsing such sensitive stuffs.

    lilian, i would appreciate it if you help me to publicise the election watch training, can or not? not necessary a post but just link to my post also can.

    banyak kam siah you!

  2. There are many Muslims in this country who harbour the hopes of making this land an Islamic country with no other faiths permissible. Little do they realise that their actions create animosity towards their religion and embarass the rest of their brethrens. One latest incident is the gung-ho customs officer in LCCT who confiscated English Bibles from a returning air traveller (who is a Christian) saying that it needs to be referred to the Internal Security Ministry’s Publications and Al-Quran Texts Control Division. Next thing you know, the Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow said it has nothing to do with the Internal Security Ministry.

    For as long as the “suka hati rampas saja” attitude continues in these people who abuse their powers as customs officers, there will never be harmony and unity in this nation of multi-cultural and multi-racial people. That is the truth. And the sad fact is that Muslims who love their neighbours and treat people with respect and dignity like Dr. Azmi Shahrom are few and far between – preferring to keep quiet for fear of being branded as liberals.

  3. what has happened to our country?no wonder so many people ciao form malaysia..with those people at the govt promising vision 2020 and harmony in our country..blah..blah..i never see any improvement.if we are so damn harmony, there wont be hindraf and other religious protests.kononnya demokrasi..sigh..

  4. MaCAi memang chicken wan lah. Several times ppl stepped on top of their heads still they don’t dare to make any noise. Ptui!

  5. well even if shariah law is imposed, non muslims dont need to worry, it is islamic law and is meant only to muslims

  6. ft – I wish it is that simple….

    Byran – Yalor, never see they stand up for us also.

    sue me – See what Gan Eng Gor’s family went through we also know already. It is the lack of compassion shown to their families that worries us.

    pablopabla – Ya, everyone takes it upon themselves to do the policing and we, the “dan lain-lain and kaffirs” have to speak up or we got no place stand liao.

  7. wow, the forum was held in Cathedral of the Holy Spirit? I love reading Dr. Azmi Shahrom’s collumn in The Star. Btw, very good question there. Dr. Azmi is among the few who stood up for what they believe in.

  8. We are all recycled. For ages, the air, the water we breathe/drink is recycled, The food we eat, the rice, the potatoes on the supermarket sheves of yesterday are what we are today.

    Whats the point of talking, I am a Muslim,I am a Christian, I am Jew, I am hindu, etc.




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