When a boy gotta go, a boy gotta go

We went to Gurney Plaza for some last minute shopping and saw some nice acrobats from Shanghai, China at Gurney Plaza, Penang. My little boy loves the kungfu part so he sat there and enjoyed the whole show.


Those pretty lengluis are really good, twisting their bodies like they have no bones.


You don’t know which part is their front and which is their end because they seem to be able to twist 360 degree.

So, after the show, we headed to Missy Donut for some donuts. I was midway ordering when my boy said…

“MOMMY!!!!!! I got jiu!!!!!!!!”

Urgent plead.

“AIYERR…..Michael, take him to the toilet please. Nay, just next door.”

But it turned out that the toilet is one floor down, which entrance is through the car park. So, it is not wise to leave a 16 years old alone with him. And I don’t know where is the ladies as well.

“MOMMY!!!!!!! My jiu coming liao!!!!!!!!!” *holding groin*

“David….where’s the cup you took from Parkson? Take it out. Faster, faster….”


And there you have it, freshly brewed, warm jiu. It filled to the brim. KNN. Lucky I got a small plastic bag to keep it until I find a way to dispose it off.

That’s how I survived having so many boys. When they got to go and there is no toilet nearby, any palm trees, potted plants, cups or plastic bags will do. All have been trained by the father to look cool, act nonchalantly, hold the container with style and no one notices. *sigh*

You know what? Those jiu are much less deadly than those smokers’ smoke. It fertilises the plant too.

13 thoughts on “When a boy gotta go, a boy gotta go

  1. Hahahaa..So cute your boys! Desperate measures, really when u need to go, just go to go..especially for young boys! lolz…

    Neway, Gong Xi Fa Cai, 5xmom! =D

  2. I would suggest Lilian you carry a small bottle with large opening along .I do so on overland bus from Penang to JB as when I need to go between the normal three hours pee stop in the middle of the early morning. Ha Ha ha.

  3. wahlao..like that also can? i really salute u d..ur boy must be like..wah my mommy so clever.
    those gymnasts scary wei..like twist here and there..damn sakit..
    anyway hav a good reunion dinner and gong xi fa chai..waiting for an angpow too from cough cough lilian..lol..

  4. LoL

    a hilarious experience, especially the way you tell it.

    thanks for the ahem!…emergency toilet “spots” tip too. will keep all these (plus a plastic bottle, should space in permits) for future trips with my little boy.

  5. i seriously like the part where you say

    All have been trained by the father to look cool, act nonchalantly, hold the container with style and no one notices.

    Damn keng wei! LOL

  6. Hehe…i am starting to do the same. In fact my toddler is constantly finding chances to pee into the drain. He thinks it is lots of fun…haha

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