This is the mandatory wishes to everyone –


Gotta run….many things to do wor. Take care and drive safe.

Some conversations worth remembering…

On baking cakes

Me : I need to go and buy butter to bake cakes.

#5 : You bake so many cakes until I am fat, then, it is your fault. (cho anneh che cake until wa fat khi, ma si lu hai eh lo)

Me : Haiyor, I bake cakes for tomorrow Chinese New Year party, not for you alone to eat, ok?

# 5 : Oh, tomorrow Chinese New Year?

On my Chinese New Year clothes

I bought a new blouse the other day. And my son asked, “Mommy, why do you go and buy ‘chu-chu sah’ (home clothes) from the shop (boutique)?” Niamah. He normally associates all the comfy rags I wore at home as ‘home clothes’ as those are old tees. So, this new blouse probably looks like rag to him and that’s why he wonder why I have to go to a boutique to buy rags. Last year, I bought some kimono-like dress and my older children asked, “Ma….why do you buy bathrobe?”