I was eating a bowl of Lorong Seratus Tahun curry mee this morning. It has pig’s blood, bloodied cockles, strips of brown squids and large prawns. All these are my super favourites. So, with all of these in the bowl of curried noodles, one needs willpower to not just stuff one or two into the mouth. Like my hubby always said, “Aiyah….Jesus is not looking lah….Eat lorrr”


It is little bit like how we live life. Say there are lots of bribes given to you, do you take it because no one is looking? No mah, right? So, it is a matter of principle. I can survive wannn…..


People eat kurma mutton, I eat cabbage and taukua….Oso can survive wannnn…


Got pizza but I hate pizza. Never like it. Give me Cintan original anytime.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is getting boring already. The weather is freaking hot. Jams everywhere.

STP, where are you? I want to date you already (after I heard from BengBeng that you look like Simon Yam). I free already. I have mailed and SMS Clare for your contact. But if you read this first, mail me? If you look like Daniel Wu, jadi siap lah. No bring hensem gurubesar oso deal lah.