I am with stupid



(note : T-shirt is handcrafted. Reflective material imported from China. Hand cut by the son of stupid. He makes caps and t-shirt for sale to his friends. They specify what slogan they want and son of stupid will cut them and iron on to the t-shirts or caps.)

13 Replies to “I am with stupid”

  1. And who’s the guy in the picture? ATM kah??? And who’s “stupid” beside him? You kah??? Why ur baju like maternity dress??? U pregnant again kah? Wah! Want to change name to 6XMOM liao kah??? ROTFLOL!!!

  2. the curve flea market got one stall selling all these shirts ne..damn cool wei..lol.i got one with the slogan ” I just had a bowl of bitchy cereal for breakfast.” lol..

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