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I am with stupid



(note : T-shirt is handcrafted. Reflective material imported from China. Hand cut by the son of stupid. He makes caps and t-shirt for sale to his friends. They specify what slogan they want and son of stupid will cut them and iron on to the t-shirts or caps.)

13 Responses to “I am with stupid”

  1. Tiu, you should have told me early early. I sure buy and wear during CNY when IBS all around

  2. Samm – LOL, can can, I give you free. You just buy one plain tee and I kautim for you.

  3. does ur son take orders ? 😛

  4. And who’s the guy in the picture? ATM kah??? And who’s “stupid” beside him? You kah??? Why ur baju like maternity dress??? U pregnant again kah? Wah! Want to change name to 6XMOM liao kah??? ROTFLOL!!!

  5. oooo… Veli creative. I like.

  6. the curve flea market got one stall selling all these shirts ne..damn cool got one with the slogan ” I just had a bowl of bitchy cereal for breakfast.” lol..

  7. itu shirt in thailand belambak. not sure in feringghi got or wat.

    but i like it =)

  8. Doesn’t look really reflective here…use your P1….

  9. Got a “your old hat” t-shirt from central market for my dad.
    His fav curse anyway…

  10. eh cool lehh! your son keat la. show other thing, like cap. =D

  11. Fuyoh!! So damn cool!
    I want one!
    Got take orders boh?

  12. I saw that shirt too! But in sungei wang they sell very expensive, about rm60. Can give discount mah if I buy from your son? =D

  13. MOM! Postlah the pic where can see it reflective one. This one not clear…