And moral of the story (from Edison Chen and Chua Soi Lek leaked videos and photos)

Lisa Jeh (Lisa Wang of Hongkong) said, all body parts are the same. Everyone of us got the same parts. There is nothing special to see. So see what see lah?

But there is some lessons we can learn from there:

1) All men probably are envying Edison Chen right now. They must be cussing, “You lucky bastard!” But men are that special species who sticks with their own blood brotherhood. Though they may want to see Cecelia Cheung, Vincy Cheung, Gillian Hung, Bobo Chan and Maggie Q plus that host of other women, they merely are admiring their heng tai, Edison Chen. And they move on.

2) Meanwhile, women are probably cussing to Gillian Chung “Dai sei, pin gor kiu lei moi Brazillian Wax sinnn? Pau yee fatt choy, kung hei fatt choy. “. And I bet many women are cheering the fact that BoBo got dropped by the rich man’s son she is supposed to be married to. Women are a different species from men. They will find chances to tear each other apart.

One American noted how great the difference it is between the Westerners and Asians. I also wondered why Paris Hilton got away with it but Gillian Chung faces such a hard time? I say it is due to our conservative Chinese but the American said it is due to the pau yee fatt choy.

As parents, I think we have to face the facts that our children will probably do what Edison Chen did to those girls. Those girls willingly posed for him. What is there to say? It is their private lives which was leaked out due the Mac that was sent to the repair shop. Next time, if you are into what Edison Chen is doing, go get some software to protect your photos if you don’t want people to get hold of them. And if you have daughters, please show them the damages done to those girls. Tell them in any sex scandal, it is always the women who are at the losing end. The world is never fair. Remember the time when SPG (sarongpartygirl) of Singapore who flashed her boobs on her blog? It got the whole of Singapore into a frenzy.

**This post is just to snub one sore loser who said I am banking in on those leaked sex photos of Edison Chen. You are a sore loser indeed. I write but my posts are with my opinions and without any photos. You write the same thing, you pasted all the girls’ photos there. That’s the difference. You serve the wankers, I write to express my opinions.

17 thoughts on “And moral of the story (from Edison Chen and Chua Soi Lek leaked videos and photos)

  1. Fuyoh… thank god we dun have dotters, hoh. Niamah, if my two boys turn out like EC, wakakakaka…. really not my fault hoh.

  2. Agreed, Edison Chan is a great casanova. Role Model for men šŸ˜›
    Btw don’t understand the chinese words there. Care to explain ??

  3. Jon – LOL, glad you admit. Pau yee = abalone. Fatt choy = nayy…those black moss like pubic hair? I posted it a few days ago. What does it mean? You have seen the pics, you know what I mean already!
    It means..

    ā€œDai sei, pin gor kiu lei moi Brazillian Wax sinnn? Pau yee fatt choy, kung hei fatt choy. ā€œ.

    “Serves you right, who ask you not to go for Brazillian Wax first?”

  4. Niamah!!

    If dont wax, at least trim a bit lah. Uwek!!!!

    Last time the Genting issue, got hundreds protest and march. Why this time so quiet???

    I only envy Ron Jeremy.

    MCH, I m swearing off abalone and fatt choy for a while.

  5. terence – LOL, those are not cheap abalones u noe….Imported from Hongkong wan…

    Apparently, Gillian Chung kena once in Oct 2004 in this same kind of tape and she cried and sobbed that she is the ‘au cheong of many siew phang yau’ and repented but 2008 she did it again. Now, we can expect lots of siew phang yau in amateur video like these. “Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be femes like Gillian jeh-jeh.” Lucky I got no dotter.

  6. Well, if you let your partner put in on camera/video, you would have know the risk and consequences. Correct???

    Then again, can use the ‘Lingam’ quote mah.

    Again, I dont envy Edison (#1 fansee of Ron), I just feel for Nicholas Tze. Loser!!! Prolly running to the lab to do a DNA test.

  7. terence – But hor, that pic maybe before Cecelia got married to Nicholas leh? You got check the exif data arh? I got a whole zip folder, you want ah? On second thought…kenot….

    Sei for, why you so 8 like me ah? I 8 for traffic sake oni. What’s your excuse?

  8. terence – Wei, Lisa jeh is the tai kar jeh so her words sort of shaddap everyone else ler. Anyway, those pics there, only Cecelia Cheung looks good wor. The rest all airport geh. Correct or not?

  9. aiyo lilian! jaga later one fine day someone go put your family photo as debate in parliament. now internet oso kenot trust 100% later fatt choy kantoi!!

  10. Maybe the Edison guy is giving her the Brazilian wax mah :), Economy not good now so save money mah.

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