Added : If you are looking for election comedy video pak lah, it is over on the link provided.

I am pissed when I see this headline :

Pak Lah: Don’t be racial

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Pak Lah or Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi went to a school and tell our school children not to be racial? This is sick. Our children are not racial. They are innocent children. How can an adult brings up this race issue to school children?

Malaysians must not harbour racial prejudice in their hearts, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The Prime Minister said there should not be any confrontation among the races as it would jeopardise peace and stability.

“I want Malaysia to be a peaceful country. We must maintain the good reputation of our country,” he added when opening the RM7mil-SMK St Elizabeth Mill Hill Franciscan Centennial Hall at Jalan Oya yesterday.

(taken from The Star Online)

Well, I do not know if there are school children there but if it is a school, then, definitely, there are school children.

Pak Lah, let’s get over the sandiwara Cina that all the politicians are doing now. I am sick and tired of looking at all those red shirts, all those yee sang tossing, all those smiling MCA leaders, all those Gerakan leaders that cannot make a decision…nay…like our Penang CM and all those ‘Oh look mama, see how muhibbah we are! We love the Indians, We love the Chinese, We are friends with the Malays…”

Cukup lah, Pak Lah. Dah bosan ni. Bila pilihanraya? Cepat-cepat sikit. Let’s have the Malaysian General Election 2008 over and done with. I am tired of explaining what propaganda is.

You know what Pak Lah? We, the common citizens of Malaysia were never racists. We never notice our skin colour or our religious differences. We have lived peacefully. My children never have problems with the difference races. They have friends from all races. So, enough of you trying to use the race card to scare us. The more you do, the worse the damage. Those who are racists are either people from the top political parties or those who are pissed with the top politicians. The millions of us in Malaysia who mind our own business, living peacefully never have problems with racial differences.

So, who is being racial here, Pak Lah?