Pak Lah, You don’t be racial

Added : If you are looking for election comedy video pak lah, it is over on the link provided.

I am pissed when I see this headline :

Pak Lah: Donโ€™t be racial

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Pak Lah or Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi went to a school and tell our school children not to be racial? This is sick. Our children are not racial. They are innocent children. How can an adult brings up this race issue to school children?

Malaysians must not harbour racial prejudice in their hearts, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The Prime Minister said there should not be any confrontation among the races as it would jeopardise peace and stability.

โ€œI want Malaysia to be a peaceful country. We must maintain the good reputation of our country,โ€ he added when opening the RM7mil-SMK St Elizabeth Mill Hill Franciscan Centennial Hall at Jalan Oya yesterday.

(taken from The Star Online)

Well, I do not know if there are school children there but if it is a school, then, definitely, there are school children.

Pak Lah, let’s get over the sandiwara Cina that all the politicians are doing now. I am sick and tired of looking at all those red shirts, all those yee sang tossing, all those smiling MCA leaders, all those Gerakan leaders that cannot make a decision…nay…like our Penang CM and all those ‘Oh look mama, see how muhibbah we are! We love the Indians, We love the Chinese, We are friends with the Malays…”

Cukup lah, Pak Lah. Dah bosan ni. Bila pilihanraya? Cepat-cepat sikit. Let’s have the Malaysian General Election 2008 over and done with. I am tired of explaining what propaganda is.

You know what Pak Lah? We, the common citizens of Malaysia were never racists. We never notice our skin colour or our religious differences. We have lived peacefully. My children never have problems with the difference races. They have friends from all races. So, enough of you trying to use the race card to scare us. The more you do, the worse the damage. Those who are racists are either people from the top political parties or those who are pissed with the top politicians. The millions of us in Malaysia who mind our own business, living peacefully never have problems with racial differences.

So, who is being racial here, Pak Lah?

11 thoughts on “Pak Lah, You don’t be racial

  1. BN itself is racist to a certain extent, isn’t it? UMNO fighting for Malay rights, MIC championing for Indians and MCA negotiating for the Chinese. Pak Lah still doesn’t understand that more and more Malaysians are sick and tired of racial-based politics. Let’s get the GE over with.

  2. If Pak Lah don’t want to be a racist, then disband UMNO, MCA and MIC!

    Those are all RACE-based parties. What an idiotic statement and a hypocrite.

  3. everyday bombarded with feel good news in the MSM, every single news is praising how good BN is, Phuck Lah is.. and the CNY celebration keep bragging on how harmony, united Malaysian for all races. Open house = unity and harmony? I would say those going for open house never think of unity pftt! They think of getting free food, probably some ang pows. What unity? Indians sitting with Indians at table A, Malays with their own group at table B vice versa. Only the leaders konon konon main wayang, yee sang men-yee sang and smile for the camera. BN itself is the very testament of RACIST coalition, for it is formed based on race. Who never fail to bring the race issue every now and then? To remind everyone as Indian, Chinese, Malay… but not as a Malaysian. Cakap tak serupa bikin Phuck Lah!

  4. That’s our sister-school, right next door to my school…I mean, my former school – the La Salle group! Over here, racial sentiments non-existent! Kiasuism high!!! Everybody fighting tooth and claw for that elusive straight As! What a life!!! Whatever it is, whatever they say, the local YB/MP – an ex-student himself – has done a really excellent job, working from scratch (and we only got peanuts from the federal and state governments for this), in the redevelopment of the two major Catholic Mission schools in Sibu – otherwise miserably neglected and sinking like the Titanic!!! Can see SMK Sacred Heart revisited in Alexallied – now the school spirit, long dormant, is alive again and the name of the school is flying again!!!

  5. hhmm…i cannot but agree with you on the last paragraph on your post. agree with you on that all the way *nods head repeatedly*

    Cheers!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. That was my former school. Spent five years of secondary school there. A few bricks from the wall of the hall belongs to me, not the government. Mission school here very kesian, government tak peduli, everything we all keluar duit from our own pocket. Racial differences never exist my entire life until some smartass mentioned it over and over again, on TV, during speeches, in newspaper, everywhere. Now, who is the batu api?

  7. Satisfied? You (some commentor’s comments which I have deleted) don’t get to say the last word. If you are so bent on insisting that Malaysian children are racists, then, go ahead and open your own blog and do it. As far as I am concern, all kids are innocent.

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