Do you have recurring stupid dreams? I do. It is almost the same dream but happens at different stage in my life.

In a way, I am lucky that I don’t have the kind of dreams like some people who can dream of people dying or people getting accidents etc. I only have silly dreams such as :

1) I am on holiday with a tour group. Then, I need to pee but every single toilet has no door.
(happens when I have a full bladder)

2) I have to make an urgent call and every single telephone has no number 9. And the phone number that I am calling has a 9 in it.
(stresses and worries will cause this)

3) I am in the middle of an exam and the pencil keep breaking and time is ticking away.
(same as #2 reason)

4) I am standing at a port and this huge, big ship is approaching me without stopping.
(my mom said this is a good dream because my ship i.e. opportunity is coming)

5) A big snake coiled around me.
(this one is best – my mom said when we dream of snakes, it means people are trying to woo us. When I was single, I believed her 101 %. And I don’t dream of snakes anymore….not even when I took photos with real python coiled around my neck. Ish!)

6) I am walking and have to keep walking to a destination.
(I don’t know what this dreams mean but I always woke up so tired like I really walked.)

Come to think of it, I haven’t have dreams in my sleep for a long time. I only got it last night. It is that stupid, “I am sitting for an exam” dream and in the midst of my exam, I went out to have lunch. Then, when I wanted to return to my exam, I cannot find the way back and I know if I don’t return soon enough, I will fail. Finally, I found a blue car which belongs to someone and he took me back safely.

I also dream in technicolors. Do you know that not everyone dreams in color? Usually, people dream in black and white. Only creative, special folks like me dream in colors. Studies have shown that only about 15-20% of people do dream in color. (got it from the net)

My dream now is to dream of Jesus. Or my son Vincent. I have dreamt of him a couple of times, not long after he died. But I think I haven’t dream for the last 6 years. Let me sync my mind and see how big he is now.

Do you have any similar dreams like what I dream in #1 to #6?