Through the years of blogging..


February 14th 2005
Damn! I cannot believe I wrote such mushy craps so many years ago! I myself can puke reading it.


February 14th 2006

On Valentine’s Day in 2006, almost all the bloggers I know wrote some or do something for this special day.


February 14th 2007 I did a podcast on Valentine’s Day 2007 but I have lost my files, I think. So, I am linking to one of the better post on shits.

So, that was three long years of

In 2005, got me into buying my own domain. I hosted with PaulTan on a smallish blog and now, Paul is a big name in Malaysia already. I don’t fren-fren with drliew anymore because he hates people monetize blogs and I hate him hating people monetize blogs. Oh well…

In 2006, the blogging scene was at its peak where there were much more interactions between bloggers. You can sense the community feel there in my post.

By 2007, I have more or less settled down and prefer to live in my own world with a smaller circle of readers.

And now, 2008, I realised that blogging is just a big farce. If not for the few faithful friends and the money, I think I would have dropped blogging. I mean, what’s the point of blogging huh? Really….don’t you get tired of writing almost the same thing and hearing the same comments?

Now, I am not saying your comments are boring. But seriously, don’t you feel sick reading almost the same topics from every blogs?

Frankly, tell me? Don’t you get sick of blogs yet? And no, please don’t wish me happy anniversary yet. And what are you doing for Valentine’s Day lah? OI, WHERE IS MY VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT?

9 thoughts on “Through the years of blogging..

  1. Blogging is a farce. It’s actually just whining and ranting and I love doing it in a blog.

    Better that than whine in real life and drive people away. *LOL*

  2. aiyah, we also eat, sleep and shit everyday lah. what’s the big farce? *lol*

    if like that, i am considered a baby blogger. still fun but very siong lah. so gotta look up to grannies like you lor…

    p.s. off-topic: IE doesn’t seem to display some blogs well…..

  3. Well, for one…. with blogging, i can show off my BG, BH, BJ, & BS skills like a 8pohfessional. Not fun meh? Of course, the money make it exciting. If not, like you say…. i also drop 9 jorr blogging loh. Sit home knit all day mah lagi song, haimai

  4. samm – And dun forget the excuse to 8. ‘Cos we need to ‘work’. LOL

    wuching – You also sienz hor? I think time we retire lah.

    terence – Who needs it more lah! RM3K spend ledi?

    susukacang – My blogs, you mean? Which blog ah? Change template lor.

    shadowfox – Ya, big farce but the money in it makes it worthwhile. LOL, not like I got any other things to do anyway.

  5. simon – HOI, I know you got photographic memory lah! And eh, I still have my blogspot for despo housewives you know. Just remembered the URL last week and now turned into Edison Chen diary. LOL.

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