Woohoo! Let the posters war begins for the 12th Malaysia General Election

Added : Malaysia election day is on March 8th 2008. Jangan lupa pergi undi. Hari mengundi mesti pandai-pandai pangkah.

DISSOLUTION OF PARLIAMENT…Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at noon today announces the dissolution of Parliament at his office in Putrajaya with effect from today until 16 May 2009; 15 months earlier than the expiry of its five-year term, to pave way for the 12th general election. Pic: Mahayudin Mohamad

Just to remind you, you can be an observer at the Malaysia General Election. Find out how from my previous post. If you are a blogger, you should volunteer. Very bloggable materials, you know? I cannot because I have to jaga anak.

Date: 24 Feb. 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 2.00pm ā€“ 7.00pm
Venue: Pusat Keuskupan Katolik (PKK), Ground Floor, 290 Jalan Macalister,
(few blocks away from YMCA on the left and Island Hospital
on the right ā€“ PKK is
on the right)
Closing date: 22 Feb. 2008
Free registration! Hurry up to register. Limited space.

For registration or more information, please contact BK Ong at tel.
013-5900339 or Lucia Lai at email lucial dot gmail dot com.

So, what happens during the previous general elections?

1) Lim Kit Siang did ‘kor-tai’ of singing Hokkien song ‘Ai pneah cha eh ea’. It was two general elections ago and I actually followed Lim Kit Siang’s ceramah all over the Penang island. Unfortunately, DAP lost miserably.

2) Anwar Ibrahim’s black eye was the attention in the following election. Again, unfortunately Keadilan, now PKR, failed to win because we believed the mainstream media.

That’s how much I remember about the previous general elections campaign. Those are the noteworthy ones.

Of course, you will be seeing a lot of politicians and their machais walking around wet markets and hawker centres shaking hands before the 12th Malaysia General Election. Go play far-far, don’t disturb me if I am eating.

Now, one other interesting thing we are seeing this year is the appearance of Jeff Ooi in Penang. I am surprised that Jeff Ooi is that famous. During the Chinese New Year gathering, my nephew and my brother asked me about Jeff Ooi contesting in Penang. Fuyoh, they think I know Jeff Ooi kah? No lah, I don’t know him.

(heh, camwhore sikit sama Jeff Ooi tak boleh kah?)

One thing that every one seems to say is “Jeff Ooi is not local, how can he understands the locals’ problems?”

Now, what’s so special about local problems, you tell me? We have the same kind of problems every where in this country lah. Hawkers not getting their proper place to trade, hawkers got bad treatment from MPPP, schools not enough funds, Chinese schools not allowed to do this, do that, bla bla bla, yadda yadda yadda….SME factories not given enough help, yadda yadda yadda….The problems are all the same. In fact, if we put a new face here, I bet they have to work doubly hard to impress the locals. So, locals or not, not a problem.

I wonder what kind of scandals or gossips are coming out from the closet on this 12th General Election? Bring it on! Good for blogging topics.

14 thoughts on “Woohoo! Let the posters war begins for the 12th Malaysia General Election

  1. Lim Kit Siang still around??? He must be around 100 years old by now.. heard his name since I was a kid

  2. Our “I work very hard” PM was from Keapala Batas but how much time does he spend in Kepala Batas serving the rakyat? Don’t give in to the shit that Jeff is not from Penang.

  3. Aiyah…why the old Man (M) like to blame his previous suborindate again and again……

    Not long ago was to the lady who issued permit to import expensive cars ( she has been doing similar job under him for many many years but no complaint…only after old man retired….)

    Case 2
    Claimed his successor did not oblidge to the verbal agreement to serve only one term…… Doesn`t he select base on crediability and potential rather than seniority or who n who has background from grandpa to uncle etc etc??

    Case 3
    Clamied the now hot issue is due to SV…… Doesn`t SV exist when he is in charge???? He should blame himself for not knowing it earlier and poor systems of monitoring his appinted duty in charge….and not blame 1 after 1 just to justify his wrong doing in the past …

    Whatever now has little change to what he pass onto his successor….

    Case 4
    Msia neighbour are grapes i.e vintage wine. While Msia are apple…cannot compare apple juice (few cents) with expensive vintage grape wine??? Why??? Whose wrong doing?

    System? Policies?? Old man??

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