Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Blog anniversary, Happy everything to me

And suddenly, I do not know what to write.

So, happy farking stupid lame ngongkui mo-liu oi cheng yan yit. Ptui! Happy Valentine’s Day to all the suckers who got conned into parting with their money on this day. Happy getting suckered by commercialism. Happy crying over the fact that no one sends you any roses. Happy getting angry over your spouse/lover/cow/goats for not wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day. Sex is free! Why spend money? Muahaharrr….


Happy Valentine’s Day to Bobo Chan, Cecelia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Maggie Q, Joey Yung, Jolin Tsai, Rachel Chan, Vincy Cheung from Edison Chen. Don’t worry, Edison Chen is coming back to Hongkong from Boston to wish all of you Happy Valentine’s Day.

This is also for those sorhais who google ‘why do men say i love you and cheat?’ Niamah, you think I am your aunty meh? Google these sort of questions and come to my blog.


And you better leave me a comment to wish me Happy Blog Anniversary or your silence will be noted permanently.

Kahkahkahkah…..damn….. it is so liberating to be a three years old domain. I LOVE CHANLILIAN.NET! I LOVE ME ME ME!

40 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Blog anniversary, Happy everything to me

  1. Happy Anniversary to chanlilian.net!!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
    Happy Chinese New Year!!
    Happy Malaysia 12th Erection Election!!!
    Happy Using New Theme!!!
    Happy Apa-apa Saja!!!

  2. Happy Blogniversary!
    And Happy V-Day to you too …
    Another V-Day being spent alone … not
    Am boycotting V-Day with the single suckers
    Love your posts by the way!!

  3. No wonder my email was flooded with wishes from women around the world.

    Happy anniversary and Happy ‘sex’ Valentine’s day.

  4. i almost forgot today is valentine’s day, until i came to your blog and saw the heading! (shows how much attention i pay to this over-rated over-commercialized day!)

    happy 3rd blog anniversary to 5Xmom!!! happy overrated valentine’s day! happy nice new blog theme!

  5. Happy-happy Valentine’s day to some victims of commercialisation…. i do celebrate when i was young, but now no more ler. How i wish to receive some surprise deliveries like roses ka, chocs ka, teddy bear ka…etc. etc. but hubby just not so romantic anymore, due to the stress of work to find $$$$$$. eh, radio news yesterday did mention that the police will be on patrol today at plcs where teenagers used to hang-out or some cheap hotels, to curb ‘immoral activities’…..so, guys better behave yourselves, k.

  6. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Pai tin gong tonite?

  7. happy anniversary lilian!!
    I dont believe in valentine’s day..no bf so I wont wish u.lol..
    to other readers, happy gettung cheated by florists and chocs seller!!
    have fun!

  8. “Ching Yan Chit Fai Lok” – Gong Hei Gong Hei!

    Wishing you a happy anniversary on your Obnoxious blog.

  9. Quickly, quickly…nanti lilian marah!!!….Happy 3rd Anniversary, 5XMom’s blog…and to Lilian and ATM, Happy Valentine’s Day. What did he get for u? A no-limit credit card???

  10. STP – Thanks for your very lovey-dovey SMS worrrr…..Chey, no-limit credit card I long-long ago oredi got lah. A girl must get that before sex wan lah. Aparah lu. Ini pun taktau.

    Thanks for all the other 24 comments! I lazy to reply all but I appreciate it very much.

    Raymond – George Lucas’s bro. LOL. No lah, Dave got a different views from us Asians on naked photos.

    ***ding, ding, ding….more comments please. Or else I going to change my blogroll lor. No comment, no more in my blogroll. Nyek nyek nyek…

  11. Cibai! Comment no answer lagi want more comments!!!

    Blogroll??? Yahor, I forgot I have a site. Better go update. After PW also lupa liao. Niamah!

  12. I really like that statement “sex is free. Why spend money” haha … Oh oh.. Happy Blog Anniversary from a blog newbie! 🙂

  13. Yozo – Wuah, tenkiu….I hepi till cloud nine lor.

    lee chien- Thank you, you have a good VD too.

    melbie – Real wan mah, free mah, hor? Nay…end up like Edison Chen girlfriends mah sei for.

    terence again – Real one. I going to change my blogroll liao. I got too many there. Cut cut cut.

    *ding ding ding……last call….comments please*

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