Digging out the worms before the Malaysia 12th General Election

First of all, Happy Pai Thnee Kong. It is the 9th day of Chinese New Year and the birthday of the Jade Emperor or heaven god who is the highest god of all the gods for those Chinese who worship deities and gods. You are going to hear a lot of firecrackers tonight.

Now that we know the polling date is on March 8th for the Malaysia 2008 elections, all bloggers are digging out the worms before voting day. Of course, I am doing that too because there is nothing more thrilling than to be ahead of the other politicians blogs. In case Malaysians mudah lupa, please read the posts by Pablo who is a lawyer by profession. He has all the serious facts and figures on Malaysia election.

Meanwhile, if you hate politics, never mind. I hate it too. But I do have many previous posts that are worth reflecting.

Undi Barisan Nasional happens to bring up my old post in Bahasa Malaysia. It was a post where the minister in the Prime Minister department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz supported Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan’s suggestion to charge Nurin Jazlin’s parents for failing to take care of the little girl. Eventually, adik Nurin was found brutally raped and murdered. Until today, the police still couldn’t catch the culprit. Then, the same crime happened to adik Sharlinie. And the little girl is still missing.

Then, let’s not forget all those cases of people suffering during the Johor floods. In the end, it was the power of the volunteers from the various charitable bodies that helped those victims in Johor while our PM was holidaying somewhere on a yatch.

And to my fellow Christians, let’s take note what Kumpulan Maya UMNO insinuated about Christians.

Let’s also not forget the cases like Gan Eng Gor. Think of how many cases where these conversions issue have cropped and yet, our top ministers refused to move a finger to help. None of the MCA or Gerakan or MIC ministers (heh) came forward to help those non-Muslims family. Only Lim Kit Siang talk about it.

If you are a blogger or read blogs, you must remember how many names those ministers flung at us. These are the very people who spend billions to IT here IT there, talking about information technology, cyber here cyber there. Yet, these people are the ones who call us gobloks, beruk, liars and try to censor the net with cyber police and censor Youtube during Namewee case.

Then, let’s remember the issues of tearing down surau, evicting squatters, places of worships and all those actions done by the respective majlis perbandaran or council. Do you remember the chaos at Kampung Berembang? All of these poor folks suffering because they are too poor to built legal homes? Meanwhile….remember the palace of Datuk Zakaria and how he is enjoying his istana now?

Oh yes, please tell me if Lingam’s secretary is saying that the ACA which is the anti-corruption agency bribed her with RM3K to drop the case against the top government officers? Is that what Lingam’s secretary implied? I am too dumb to understand but that’s how I see it.

There are plenty of other issues that affect us, the regular folks. We do not even need to talk about the major ones because all these little issues are already enough to tell us to vote for a change.

Tell them we do not want childish acts like the Penang MPPP who accused the reporter when his technician focussed on her thighs “If the dress was not sexy, the incident would not have happened.”

Arrggh…once I start, I cannot stop. I bet many of you remember more reasons not to undi barisan nasional. Please refresh each other’s memories before the 12th malaysia general election. Remember, keep March 8 free for the pilihanraya malaysia. Heh.

18 thoughts on “Digging out the worms before the Malaysia 12th General Election

  1. There are so many worms to get digging out, so I think I’ll just skip this step and vote Jeff Ooi if he is coming to Penang.

    Happy Pai Thee Kong!

  2. Oooo… I am so happy that election is coming soon. Now, we normal citizens are the king now and let see how many of them will lick our shoes and plant more janji kosong.

  3. It is time for a change.

    Some are genuine where they are really out to help the people but MAJORITY of them are useless.

    Dig out more lah. I email you more worms. If I start writing, I will be typing from today till the election day.

    They think the Rakyat mudah lupa but most are keeping quiet and waiting for this election to send out a strong reminder. We shall see.

  4. Thanks for the plug. Actually, regarding Lingam and the side-stories surrounding him (allegations of other judges being “influenced”), it looks like rumours which have been circulating all these years are now being confirmed as facts. As a lawyer, I have heard many rumours about how some judges (and dpps or lawyers as well) being corrupt and I have chosen to take them with a pinch of salt since these rumours could not be verified. Now, with all these evidence flying (and the commission trying its best to snuff the facts) about, the public ought to know how teruk the legal and judiciary has become over the years.

    As bloggers, we can make a difference by highlighting these facts but words must be chosen carefully. If what we heard are rumours, we must not present them as facts. But if we are given the evidence, then we should place it for all to see. Bloggers must learn to present facts so that they can become credible. That is one good reason why I like RPK’s Malaysia Today which reveals quite a lot of his source of information. And your cross linking to the facts your presented are just what I mean.

  5. PM just pulled a fast one on us and we should not forget that! Today say no parliment dissolution, less than 24hrs later… wooo hooo… parliment dissolve!!! Says loads about credibility right?

  6. pablo – This one I learnt from Martin Jalleh one. He said whatever we write, must have something to back us up. All I cnp from mainstream media, all my personal views so gua tarak salah mia. In fact, tomorrow, i.e. Sat and Sun, we got some formation (seminar)conducted by Martin. Non-political, just learn how to be better lectors (read Bible during mass).

    And now, I am Googling Captain Reinu a/l Balakrishnan to verify if it is a real person. I found the court case on the dismissal from MAS on our dot gov. website. So, I know that the email circulating on the nay…that child p0rn pic-pilot case? That son of the ACA head? Interesting! Initially I thought it is a fake email but there really is a real person name Captain Reinu a/l Balakrishnan.

  7. mumof2 – I don’t know lah..he thinks he wanna be jovial and funny with us leh? Hahaha. But hor, its’ not him that I am worried. Do you notice how our DPM keep warning us about ‘unrest’ etc? Check out The Star today? It is a threat, done subtlety but not subtle enough to fool us.

    Long campaign period will not cause tension, says Najib

    SEPANG: The longer-than-usual campaign period set by the Election Commission will not contribute to tension in the country.

    Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said as long as every party and politician respected the election laws, there would not be any trouble.

    β€œI don’t feel the long campaign period will contribute towards unrest in the country. We have enough capability to control the situation,” he said.

    Taken from The Star. I mean, who said there is going to be an unrest? Usually, all these negative inputs come from them all. It is like their warnings of don’t mess with us….

  8. orang cina – LOL must refresh people’s memory because a lot have this tidak-apa attitude.

    bongkersz – Hahaha, the Sungai Siput one is so funny. Samy Vellu said he is staying put even if they bring an army against him. I really hope the PM send him to Penang or KL and see he can tok kok or not.

    charleskey – I doubt it but it is worth trying.

    terence – Woi, you want to eat kali lice, you sindiri go dig worms lah. I only quote whatever I got from the papers, not emails. Don’t want to burn my own kachng.

    choonie – You shake hands with them liao? Here DAP and Gerakan somemore got send Valentine’s Card to women voters wor. Ptui. But hor, Terence oso never send me VD card, so politicians more thoughtful hor? Bwahaha.

    Bryan – My hubby’s vote oso Bukit Bendera but I still remain with PAS and DAP in Sungai Nibong. Never change in time.

  9. *clap clap clap
    Only the earnest and honest deserves to be told as stories to children to inspire them, the crooked and bad as nightmares to tow in the naught.

  10. Have you guys seen the advertisement on TV2 about the strike? Bersih and that hindu strike (forgot the name already)…

    It is really blood-boiling! Make me feel like want slam the TV! Supposedly, “They” made the strike as a conspiracy. And those being interviewed to give their opinion about it. I really wonder are they dumb or what? Or just a hired actor…

    Too bad I’m still under-age to vote.

  11. Oh yes, I got that “flying email”. From the MSM, the name of the pilot who was arrested was correct. So, there may be an inkling of truth πŸ˜‰

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