Emak yang memang suey

“Darling…tomorrow morning when you wake up, mommy not around already. You can miss mommy or notttttt.”

And the poor kid has tears discreetly flowing out of his eyes! He pretended nothing is happening but the pillow has tear stains. He still acts brave and assured me, “I can phone you mah…haiyor….you think I cannot meh?”



That’s what emak yang memang suey (an atrocious mom) did to her poor kid. Emotional blackmail…Now, he suka-suka…”miss you…see you later…”

Wei….we have never been separated since he was born, wokay? Feb 28th he will be five years old. 5 x 365 days. That’s about one thousand eight hundred eleven nights we have been attached together, wokay?

So, to make things easy for him, tomorrow I am going to escape from my concentration camp by Martin Jalleh for a couple of hours to meet him at the beach.

You say chialat or not? I act like I am taking a year long trip away from the kid.

Only one night, dey. And I better go absorb whatever I am suppose to learn or else….

Annual Retreat of Lectors & Commentators (of the Penang diocese, I think)
Sat 16 Feb. & Sun 17 Feb.
Stella Maris, Penang

But really….I imagine if let’s say someone offered me a round the world trip to travel alone, free shopping money, everything free of charge, including virgin toyboys thrown in at every continents LOL….do you think I will grab the opportunity?


Mizz yew……nite…nite…

Muakss muaksss….mizz yew….nite…nite….mizz yew….

P/S : WOI, you better jaga my blog or else….

12 thoughts on “Emak yang memang suey

  1. Did i read virgin toyboys. Weiiii, ds one dun play play worrr. i also want hoh. Niamah, screw the watwat concentration camp loh. I wanna concentrate on the virgin toyboy jek. Or issit toyboyS…..

  2. COncentrate ah…don’t get distracted! It’s ok to indulge the moment without kid..You need your time for yourself too mah..doesn’t matter if its a camp kah..shopping kah..just give some times for yourself!

  3. And the moment the mom steps out the door, the boy jumps up with joy, shouting, “Hooray!!! Let’s have some fun!!!!”

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