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The United Malays National Organisation, or UMNO, (Malay: Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu), is the right-Wing and the largest political party in Malaysia and a founding member of the Barisan Nasional coalition, which has ruled the country uninterruptedly since its independence. It is known for being a major proponent of Malay Supremacy or ketuanan Melayu and mild Islamic fundamentalism, which holds that the Malays and other Muslims are the “definitive” people of Malaysia and, thus, deserve special privileges as their birthright. (information on UMNO sourced from wiki)

The above on UMNO is just to ‘educate’ readers before the 12th Malaysia election on March 8, 2008.

Now, a piece of news for entertainment sake. Our very ‘respected’ and ‘informed’ Minister of Information said we Malaysians only use the internet for booking airline tickets and surfing for naked photos of Edison Chen and sex tape of Chua Soi Lek. How clever………………….Our Information minister just informed the whole world that we are but a bunch of very rich folks who fly all the time and we are also perverts looking for naked photos of Cecelia Cheung and all the Hongkong actresses.

Is the the kind of people you are going to vote into office? Hell, NO!

MALAYSIA’s Information Minister Zainuddin Mydin has said that the government will not be affected by blogs and other Internet forums that may be created during campaigning for the upcoming elections.

Mr Zainuddin insisted that while the younger generation are tech-savvy, they tend to believe newspaper reports over comments made on the Internet, China Press reported.

He added that the Internet is used mainly to book budget airline tickets or to get entertainment news.

He claimed that he is not worried that blogs and forums critical of the incumbent Barisan Nasional coalition would affect its chances of winning the election.

Since independence in 1957, the multi-ethnic coalition has won every election.

He stressed that young Malaysians would not turn to the Internet for political news.

He said: ‘My children are young professionals and enjoy surfing the Internet. But they don’t read blogs.’

Mr Zainuddin pointed out that Malaysians are a mature lot and would rather give more credibility to newspaper reports than the ‘gossipy news’ on the Internet.

He said that while Malaysia respects press freedom and the right of expression, these liberties are not absolute and must be exercised responsibly.

Mr Zainuddin alluded to how sensitive press reports fanned the Sino-Malay racial riots in May 1969.

(Electric New Paper, Singapore)

(taken from

REMEMBER – When you cast your vote, vote for anything but UMNO, MCA, GERAKAN, MIC or any parties related to Barisan Nasional. It doesn’t matter which opposition parties you vote for. Don’t worry that if you vote DAP, we are going to see Lim Kit Siang as PM. Don’t be fooled that if you vote PAS, we are all going to see PAS leader as PM. Don’t be misled that if you vote for PKR, Anwar will become PM. This will not happen! What we will get is a more balanced Parliament. Something that has a balance of UMNO, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PKR, DAP, PAS and etc etc. It will means there are less people like Zam making fools of us Malaysians. When we have more oppositions, they will have more voices to questions all those cases that have been conveniently swept under the carpet. Remember the investigation by the ACA regarding the Tourism Minister and the promotion of tourism in Korea? Remember all the bocor buildings built by Samy Vellu? Remember how many broken highways that were built with our tax payers money?


And what is this piece of news I read on our mainstream media? They detained an 11 years old girl?

From the total, 151 were later released, including rally coordinator S. Manickavasagam and Hindraf adviser R. Raguram. Also released was an 11-year-old girl.

children holding roses had planned to gather outside the Parliament building and the leaders wanted to hand over a memorandum on improving the lot of the Indian community.

At 9.20am, police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd at Jalan Raja Laut after repeated warnings went unheeded.

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